4-H Center will be polling place in June

This year's local elections and primaries, scheduled for June 5, will be held in a new venue.

"We just found this out (Monday)," said City Manager John Prescott. "Typically they've been at the Armory, and due to the Guard utilizing the Armory on June 5, the election will take place at the 4-H center."

The center is located at 515 High St., and Prescott said city officials will do what they can to alert the public of the change.

The local elections will involve races in three major categories: The Clay County Commission, the Vermillion School Board and the Vermillion City Council.

There are two at-large positions consisting of four years available on the county commission.

Four candidates are in the running for the seats: Travis P. Mockler (R) and Ruth A. Bremer (D), and incumbents Leo F. Powell (D) and Raymond D. Passick (D).

There are two three-year positions available on the school board, for which Tim Schwasinger, incumbent Dave Stammer and incumbent Mark Bottolfson are in the running.

There are four four-year seats on the city council, but only one actual race.

This will take place in the Central Ward and will be between Kelsey Collier-Wise and incumbent Jenny French. Current Central Ward rep John Grayson will be up for re-election in two years.

Running unopposed will be incumbents Clarene Meins of the Northeast Ward, J. Howard Willson, Jr., of the Northwest Ward and Steve Ward of the Southeast Ward.

Kent Osborne of the Northeast Ward, Tom Davies of the Northwest Ward and Dennis Zimmerman of the Southeast Ward will be up for re-election in two years.

Also running unopposed will be Treasurer Catherine J. Powell (D), States Attorney Teddi Gertsema (D) and Coroner Timothy F. McClelland (D). Each will serve four-year terms, respectively.

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