Barstow Park benefits from Eagle Scout project

The recent addition of unique signage to Barstow Park in Vermillion can be credited to the hard work of Teddrick (Tedd) Schaffer, who took on the task of adding the sign the park as he works to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.

Pictured are individuals who both helped and witnessed the placing of a new sign at Barstow Park, thanks to the efforts of Tedd Schaffer. From left are Clint Meadows, the leader of Boy Scout Troop 66; Gene Fuller, troop committee member; Stetson  Kastengren; Tedd’s brother, Will; Mayor Jack Powell; Alex Osborne, a fellow Scout; City Alderman Kent Osborne and Rod Schaffer. (Photo by David Lias)

Tedd is a member of Vermillion's local Boy Scout Troop 66.

"The final requirement in becoming an Eagle Scout is to do an Eagle Project. For my project I knew I wanted to build something that would be in Vermillion and last," he said. "I got the idea to build something when I found out the bus stop near my house by Jones' Food Center was an Eagle Scout Project."

Tedd learned from Vermillion City Engineer Jose Dominguez of the city's plans to build a permanent structure for an ice skating rink/skateboarding park at Barstow Park.

"We decided that it would be a great project for me to make the sign for the new addition to Barstow Park," Tedd said. "I had heard of Blair Smith because my parents had used him in past projects. He is a chainsaw artist. I thought it would be cool to have him help me make my sign. He loved the idea and instantly agreed to help."

Tedd designed the sign, and after it was approved by City Manager John Prescott and Dave Nelson, director of Vermillion Parks and Recreation Department, he had Blair create the sign.

Midwest Ready Mix donated the concrete used for the platform the sign rests on. Blair donated all his labor and charged only for the lumber used.

The sign was also made possible by a $400 donation from the city, and $100 donations each from First Dakota Bank and Bank of the West.

Matt Kastengren of O&M Custom Construction in Vermillion donated his labor and professional services pouring the slab that the sign rests on, as well as running the machinery to place the sign on the platform.

"Ace Hardware donated all my building materials like sandpaper and log oil, and let us use their machinery to place the sign," Tedd said.

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