Bluffs Bulletin

Attention ladies:

Everyone is welcome to our Wednesday morning Golf and Games at The Bluffs. There is always fun, games and a great luncheon.

It starts Wednesday, May 2. Golf at 9 a.m. – please be 10-15 minutes early to line up players. New golfers are also welcome.

Luncheon is furnished by Cherry Street Grille at noon. Card games and dominoes to follow.

Come for fun and great friendships. See you at The Bluffs!

Men's Senior

Golf Fun League

Twenty-one golfers played on a warm sunny Tuesday. Seven three-man teams competed for the lowest score.

Elmer Mount, Alan Clem and Ray Lynn tied the team of Max Anderson, Gary Prasek and Jerry Sandy with a score of 38, but won on a tie-breaker.

Two teams also tied at 39, but the team of Ross King, Ken Beringer and Jim Reed won on a tie-breaker over the team of Sid Davis, Don Baer and Pat Boyle.

No one reported a long putt this week, while last week Vern Holter sank a 27-foot birdie putt on #12 and teammate Don Baer sank a 31-foot putt on #16.

Come and join us at The Bluffs at 1 p.m. on Tuesdays.

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