Hansen is Sanford Vermillion March PRIDE employee

Jennifer Hansen, Activities Aide, Sanford Care Center Vermillion was selected as the Sanford Vermillion March 2012 PRIDE Employee of the Month. She has been employed here since 2005.

The nomination form included these comments:

Pictured are Tim Tracy, CEO, Jennifer Hansen, March PRIDE Employee of the Month, and Julie Rolfes, activities manager, Sanford Care Center Vermillion.

Personalized Service: Jennifer takes time to do little special things for the residents. She is so patient and kind with all of the residents.

Respect: She is always respectful and courteous to the residents. She always shows respect and a good attitude to residents and staff.

Innovation: She took time to organize all the neighborhood's special meal needs for the resident/family Christmas dinner party, making meal delivery very smooth that evening.

Dedication: Jennifer is always willing to stay late, work extra, come in early, etc. (even in another Department!) She has good work ethics; she is very helpful in all departments.

Excellence: She is a team player. She has helped CNA's pass out drinks when they are short staffed and often helps assist with residents needs at breakfast. Over-all she is a wonderful person to work with.

Additional Comments: She is always cheerful and friendly.

"Jennifer is a joy to have in our Activities Department. She puts the residents first and does her job willingly and with a smile," said Julie Rolfes, activities manager, Sanford Care Center Vermillion.

Jennifer (Jacobson) Hansen is a native of Vermillion. She resides in rural Vermillion with her husband Brook.

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