Sesquicentennial highlights


Kathy Ludeman and Rick Isaacson were crowned Homecoming King and Queen.

Because of an increased number of complaints from all areas of the city, the City Council requested the Police Department to increase the enforcement of traffic violations.  After August 21 the Police Depart step up their use of radar to enforce speeding, reckless driving, careless driving, and exhibition driving regulations.  During the first nine months of 1974, 408 traffic citations were issued, this compares to 272 for the first nine months of this year.

The Vermillion Police Department does not operate on a quota system for traffic violations.  They are however, running two radar units at all times of the day and night.  At any given time one or both of the units are in use.  The Police are also using an unmarked car to check for speeding and other traffic violations in school zones.  The fine given to those who violate speed limits is set at $2.00 per mile per hour over the speed limit.  The police will stop those going up to five miles per hour over the speed limit and warn them.  Tickets will be issued to all those going six miles per hour over the speed limit.  Fine revenues go into the City General Fund.  Tickets are also being issued to drivers who do not stop for pedestrians in the crosswalks.

The Vermillion Chamber of Commerce will give away $1,500.00 for their Christmas Retail Promotion.  The money will be given in five drawings to be held between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The first four weeks winning names will be announced at 8:15 over KVRF radio.  The winners have three minutes to identify themselves to the store manager and the store will call the Chamber Office.  If the first name called does not claim the money a second name will be announced.  The second name will also have three minutes to claim their prize.  If no one claims the prize after 5 names are drawn the prize will be held over for the final drawing on December 23rd.

Snow removal efforts have been hampered by parked vehicles after the big snow storm.  Many cars were stalled in the middle of the streets.  When people are told snow is coming, they should get their cars off the street.  This would be a great help to the street crew that is trying hard to get the streets cleared.

Residents of Vermillion will see a raise of approximately 8% for their electricity next year.  The raise in electric rates will be necessary to enable Vermillion to pay its share of costs to the Missouri Basin Municipal group of cities.

Snow removal costs attributed to the November 19 and 20th snow storm already total $5,971.92.  Continuing snow and ice removal from the streets are adding to that figure.

END 1975

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