Sesquicentennial Highlights


Beginning January 1, 1974, all new South Dakota Driver's licenses will have a colored photo of the person to whom the license is issued.  Because of the photo the licensing fee will be raised one dollar to a total of $6.00.

Congratulations to Kurt Seibel who is Vermillion's National Champ Punt-Pass-Kick contest winner for 12 year olds.

The City of Vermillion needs an emblem according to the Chamber of Commerce.  They are willing to pay $25.00 for an appropriate emblem that should include (farming, USD, and business.)

The emblem picked will be used on city highway signs and in the city and for Chamber promotions.  Remember!  There is a $25.00 cash award waiting the winning artist.

Progress continues the realization of the new $8.8 million physical education, student recreation and athletic complex at USD.  To date more than $700,000.00 in cash pledges have been made and more than $200,000.00 in actual cash has been received.  If the goal is met, we are virtually assured of the construction start of the Dome this year.

Work is progressing on the new Senior Citizens facility and is projected to be completed in early

Spring.  A remaining balance of$29,000.00 needs to be raised.  Checks may be mailed to 214 E. Main.

One hundred twenty-five applications for six street and utility jobs and park personnel have been received and are currently under consideration at the city office.

Counterfeit $20.00 bills have been found in Vermilion. The bills resemble photo copies.  They are printed on heavier paper with the colors being darker and the paper they are printed on was white.

Voters in record numbers turned out on Tuesday to approve the airport improvements.  The referendum passed with a vote of 907 to 720.  Voters decided that the City could borrow State funds for the construction of the airport improvements.  The City will borrow $24,000.00 from the 1976 budget and borrow up to $48,000.00 from the Division of Aeronautics at the State Aeronautics Commission of the Transportation of South Dakota.  The total cost for the improvement project is $636,100.00.

Federal Aviation Administration funds will pay $500,840.00 of the total cost.  State funds from the Legislative appropriations for a total of $39,000.  Clay County funds totaling $25,000 will be used for the relocation of the road leading to the airport.  $8,000.00 of aviation fuel tax funds from users of the Vermillion airport will also be used to help finance the improvements.

The Armed Forces Bicentennial Caravan will be on display in Vermillion on July 10th. Vermillion has been commended on its Bicentennial program and has won national recognition.

An auction was held at the Austin Whittemore House to raise funds for the restoration of the house.

Within the next 10 days, the owners of the dangerous structures located throughout the entire city of Vermillion, will receive notice by mail.  There are many dangerous structures that have contributed to a rat problem. The city is asking residents to remove piles of lumber and trash that harbors rats. Abandoned vehicles are also used by rats for shelter.

The Eagles Club has donated $600.00 to the South Dakota Special Olympics program. The donation will be used to purchase wind breakers for the 40 participants and 10 chaperones that will represent the group.

The 1945-1946 VHS classes will have their joint class reunion on Saturday, July 26, 1976.

A deed from Arthur Austin Whittemore to the Clay County Historical Society, Inc., of lots 6 and 7 Block 20, Original Town site of Vermillion has been recorded at the Register of Deeds of Clay County.

People who live in South Dakota and surrounding states are getting a special opportunity to have their monthly Social Security with supplemental security checks deposited directly in their checking or savings accounts. The direct deposit program is entirely voluntary.

New postage rates will go into effect on September 14th.  First Class Mail: 10 cents for the first ounce, 9 cents for each additional ounce.  Post cards will be 7 cents each.

Check out the Wine N' Del for your dining pleasure. The restaurant is at 112 E. Main and is open every day except Monday. (And you can throw the peanut shells on the floor.)

For your fall decorating, check out the new matching appliances at Modern Electric and the comfortable new bright, rust velvet chair with a striking brass pedestal lamp at Wagner Iverson Furniture Store.

Dedication services for the new Senior Citizens Center at 320 West Main will be held on Sunday, September 28, 1975.  The public is invited to attend the program at 2:00 p.m. followed by a social time from 3:00 to5:00 p.m.

END 1974

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