Letters: Festival helps restore community’s heritage

Thank you, David, for attending the Dakota Hospital Foundation annual Community Leadership Dinner last evening, and voluntarily taking so many pictures of the event.  It was important that you were there to visually record Vermillion's growth in awareness of the needs and for the strengths of our community.  The many awards that were given and recognitions made testify to that growth in awareness. 

For the evening to conclude with a sampling of the production of South Dakota Shakespeare Festival which will be held in Vermillion's Prentis Park next month put a dramatic mark of affirmation to the evidence of that developing insight. By its productive use of the band shell in Prentis Park, not only does Coyoteopoly restore the dignity of the Prentis Park band shell, but the members of Coyoteopoly have dredged a channel by freeing the sludge for a wave of groups who will determine to dedicate their efforts to restoring other decaying evidences. 

Such resuscitation of Vermillion's greatest asset: its heritage, is exciting. 

Edis J. Anderson, Vermillion

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