Letters: Mandate is absurb

As a conservative Republican woman, I am disgusted with those who complain that we women will not have "access" to contraceptives unless Mr. Obama's mandates are implemented.  This is absurd on its face.  It implies that we did not have access prior to the mandate.  We women are not denied access to contraceptives and never have been.  Government statistics show that since 1982 almost all women have used some form of contraception at least periodically during their childbearing years.  Those who whine are those who want more so called "free stuff."  So, the whiners want the rest of us to pay higher insurance premiums so they can have contraceptives "free."  No thanks.

If contraceptives are mandated, why not massages?  Massages reduce stress.  Stress causes illness.  Illness is costly.  Hence the complainers could say, "We must have access to 'free' massages."

Then too, exercise equipment may be necessary to promote good health.  Should exercise equipment be mandated by the government, and provided free to those who want it?

Where does it stop?  Free false teeth?  In the final analysis, we are losing our freedom when we are required to participate in all this nonsense.

Beth Johnson, Vermillion

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