Stanford St. Project To Start Monday

The South Dakota Department of Transportation will be completing two phases of the Stanford Street Reconstruction project this summer beginning May 14, 2012. A brief explanation of the project follows:

1. Project website:

2. The project will begin May 14, 2012.

3. The project will be competed in two phases:

a. Phase 1 will begin May 14, 2012 and is projected to end July 27, 2012.

* Phase 1 will include W. Main Street to Midwest Mobile Home Park. 

b. Phase 2 is projected to begin July 16, 2012 and will end approximately October 5, 2012. 

* Phase 2 will include Midwest Mobile Home Park to W. Cherry Street. 

4. The water line will be replaced from W. Main Street to W. Cherry Street. 

5. The Sanitary Sewer will also be replaced from W. Main Street to W. Cherry Street.

6. In addition to the utility work, the road will be reconstructed to a three-lane section with an 8 foot bike trail on the west side of the street and a 5 foot sidewalk on the east side of the street. 

For further information please contact Jose Dominguez at 605-677-7050 or Greg Branaugh of D & G Construction at 605-366-7743. 

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