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Wednesday Morning

ladies Association

Today is May 30, and the weather is – CHILLY!!

Weather did not stop the luncheon or games after. There were 19 ladies in attendance. The meal was great and the dessert was also … I just love chocolate! Desserts were provided by: Karine Amundson and Pat Pratt. Thank you ladies.

 Our drawings were won by:

$5 – Darlene Engbrecht and Barb Boone.

Quarters: Darlene (lucky lady today), Vaneta Youngworth, Joan Olson, Ramona Kellogg and Maxine Rogers.

 Golf – Well we did not golf today. They were having a high school tournament today. Which is ok as it was a bit cold for our group to golf in.

 Bridge report: Marlys Jensen was High.

 Dominoes report:  There were three tables:

Round 1 – Joan Olson, Rula Hatch and Vaneta Youngworth

Round 2 – Joan Olson, Babe Hurowitz and Karine Amundson

Round 3 – Rose Mart, Dori Ryan and Janet Hof

Total Score – Maxine Rogers, Babe Hurowitz and Karine Amundson

Appears Joan and Babe were the lucky ladies here!!

 WOW!  One month is over already.  Hurry and come join us.  It appears the summer is going to go fast. We had more ladies come to golf. Hope to have them every  week and maybe MORE!

 Catch ya next week…

 Pat Steckelberg, reporter

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