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Wednesday Morning Ladies Association

This was a very very windy day for our Wednesday 05/23/12 Ladies.

There were 24 at the luncheon and most stayed for the games following.

Great to see soooo many coming. But, we would like more to join us.

Desserts were provided by: Joyce Zimmerman and myself (Pat). Joyce's was great and I must admit mine was pretty good too.  I had never made that recipe before but shall in the future.

The $5 drawings were won by:  Marlys Jensen and Agnes Mockler.

Quarters:  Mary Bartels, Eileen Turner, Joan Olson, Beth Silvano, Irma Burbach, Lois O'Grady, and Maxine Rogers.

Guess my luck wore off!!

Bridge report: There were two tables and I noticed a new guest Jen Dickenson.

Lorraine Brunick was High.  Other prize winners:  Jen Dickenson and Glennis Stewart.

Dominoes report: There were two tables here also.

Round 1: Darlene Engbrecht and Dori Ryan.

Round 2: Beth Silvano and Pat Pratt.

Round 3: Darlene Engbrecht and Joyce Zimmerman.

Total Score:  Karine Amundson and Brenda Chatham.

Golf report: Today we played "Puttless." We only counted the hits to get on the green. This was not as easy as it could have been.  We had seven players and broke up into two groups.

Edith Nelson had the fewest hits:  42

Mary Lea Hennies had second with 43.

The wind had a lot to do with it if you hit the ball in the air. (There were some MAJOR turns thanks to the wind). Give us a try and see how much fun we have … no matter your skill level … we still have fun!!

Come on out.  We have a lot of summer left!

 Pat Steckelberg, reporter

Men's Senior Golf Fun League

Twenty-one senior golfers teed off at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, May 29.  Seven 3-men teams competed for the best score.  The team of Harlan Schott, Jeri Engelking, and Vern Holter used 37 strokes to record the best score of the day.

Three teams shot 38.  Two teams tied for second.  The team of Mo Marcotte, Sid Davis, and Rich Morse had identical scores as the team of Jerry Sommervold, Guy Button and Cleland Cook.

In fourth place, also shooting 38 was the team of Ross King, Elmer Mount and Ray Lynn.  Next week, June 5, there is a senior golf tournament at The Bluffs.  The next league meeting will be on June 12 and the tee time is 9 a.m.

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