Letter: It’s a sad time for me

From May 28-June 2, 415 of our best high school girls are attending Girl's State in Vermillion on the campus of the University of South Dakota.  Why is it a sad day for me – because once again our state government officials will be represented by only one party, with the exception of Angie Buhl, a Democrat state senator from Sioux Falls.

In a press release in Thursday's issue of the Yankton Press and Dakotan, it stated that these 415 young ladies will be taught government and leadership abilities.  It stated that they will get the opportunity to meet with several South Dakota political figures all of whom are Republicans with the exception of Senator Buhl.  These leaders include Republican John Thune, Republican Kristi Noem, Republican Chief of Staff Dusty Johnson, Republican Attorney General Marty Jackley, Republican State Senator Jean Hunhoff, Republican State Representative Nick Moser, and Republican Governor Dennis Daugaard.

The article also stated that the girls will be divided into cities and counties and will be able to run for mythical political offices.  They can also run for county commissioners, governor, lieutenant governor, and other state officers, senators and representatives.  I wonder, if in these mock elections, will both parties have a voice or will only one party be given the opportunity to speak?

To me, it's no wonder that our state has problems because one party has such a tight stranglehold on it.  This is just one of many opportunities that is controlled so securely that it is difficult to make in-roads to parity.  The best way to do this is at the polls this November.

Tom Jones, South Dakota State Representative District 17

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