Letters: Please assist tennis program

The tennis program has a long history at Vermillion High School. Girls tennis was one of the early sports opened to girls. The girls tennis team won the state championship in the 1970s – this was the second state championship in VHS history. The boys program has also provided a competitive and developmental experience for many boys over the years. During the long history of VHS tennis, many girls and boys have benefitted.

As part of its budgeting process, the Vermillion School Board recently made a number of spending cuts. One of the cuts was the elimination of funding for the girls (fall) and boys (spring) tennis programs. These cuts affect over 30 students this year.

In response to these cuts, the students and parents (the Save Our Sport organization) are engaged in fundraising for the program. The goal is $8,500, the amount budgeted. One event will be a tennis tournament on June 29-30, and July 1. (Please register by contacting Steve Ford at 670-9250.)

As we learned last year, it will also be necessary to raise funds through donations. Donations can be made to the Vermillion Public Schools Foundation (Tennis Fund). All donations will be tax-deductible. Please sent your donation to:

Vermillion Public Schools Foundation

PO Box 569

Vermillion, SD, 57069

Attn: Tennis Fund

Should you have any questions about donations, please contact David or Lynne Day at 624-3495 or dsdayconsult@hotmail.com. Thank you for your consideration of these students and of the tennis program.

Lynne and David Day


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