Officials launch effort to provide fire information

Fire officials recently met to discuss coordinating the release of fire information and staffing and have established a new fire information phone number and e-mail account for the Great Plains fire area.

This is an interagency effort by federal and state agencies in South Dakota to provide timely and accurate fire information for the Great Plains Dispatch area during initial attack.

 "Our aim is to provide one common phone number and e-mail where the best available fire information can be acquired," Beth Hermanson, Public Information Officer said.

New Great Plains Fire Information Contact Information:

· Phone Number – (605) 923-8868

·  Email -

The new phone number and e-mail will be staffed during initial attack fires by state and federal public information officers (PIOs). PIOs will work closely with the dispatch center to provide interagency fire information.

 "We encourage the media and public to use this resource to obtain the most accurate fire information," Kelly Stover, Public Information Officer said.

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