Two incumbents ousted in local elections

Two incumbents were ousted by local voters in the Vermillion municipal and Vermillion school board elections held Tuesday.

In a close race, challenger Kelsey Collier-Wise defeated incumbent Jenny French and will be a new alderman representing the Central Ward when French's term ends this summer.

Collier-Wise received 90 votes, which is about 53 percent of the ballots cast by Central Ward voters. French received 79 votes.

Mark Bottolfson, the current president of the Vermillion School Board, failed in his attempt to be elected to another term, coming in third in a three-man race to fill two vacancies on the board.

Bottolfson's 424 votes represent about 28 percent of the ballots cast in Tuesday's election. Tim Schwasinger, who will be a new face on the board when the new terms begin later this summer, was the highest vote getter at 603, which is about 39 percent of total votes cast.

Incumbent board member Dave Stammer won re-election with 518 votes, which is about 33 percent of the total.

Voter turnout for the school board and city council elections was only 14 percent. Of 7,940 eligible voters, only 1,122 cast ballots on Tuesday.

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