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Each year more than 9,000 South Dakota youth actively participate in 4-H programming. The South Dakota State Fair is an annual event where many of these youth celebrate what they've learned throughout the year and compete with other 4-H members from across the state through display exhibits, livestock exhibits, and judging and speaking contests.

The 2012 South Dakota State Fair is held in Huron Aug. 30-Sept. 3. This year, as South Dakota 4-H members and volunteers prepare for the big event, they will have 24-7 access to 2012 South Dakota State Fair information thanks to SDSU Extension's iGrow.org Web site.

"Making State Fair resources available on iGrow is an important step in achieving our goal to make information and forms accessible quickly and conveniently," said Peter Nielson, 4-H Youth Development Program Director.

In 2011, more than 5,000 4-H members were responsible for 14,319 entries. Not a simple task explains Nielson, as each entry has to pass a qualification process in order to compete at the state fair.

"Members' entries must receive an endorsement through a purple ribbon at their County Fair in order to show the project at the State Fair. Although project completion can be worked out in a number of ways, the main method of project completion has been, and will remain the South Dakota State Fair," Nielson said.

Projects are key to the hands-on learning model 4-H has embraced since the organizations beginning in 1902. As youths engage in developing skills in a variety of areas from livestock judging and food and family to Robotics and Videography/Photography; their projects need to meet certain criteria to qualify for fair entry.

Today this information and much more can be found on iGrow.org/4h/south-dakota-4h/. The page includes the 4-H Division Handbook, schedules, score sheets and forms. Daily schedules are listed in the events section of the site at http://igrow.org/events/.

iGrow is the teaching platform used by SDSU Extension to assure state of the art program delivery. For more information on how to become involved in 4-H as a member or volunteer, contact your local 4-H youth program advisor. Listings are available at iGrow.org.

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