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Wednesday morning ladies association

It is now June 27. Two months of our fine group meetings has gone by. Wow! Time flies when you are having fun!

Only 19 ladies were at luncheon today. Down a bit but weather and vacations had a lot to do with that. I know the numbers will pick up soon.

Our drawing winners were: $5 winners – Irma Burbach and Maxine Rogers. Quarters – Karine Amundson, Barb Larson, Ramona Kellogg, Mary Bartles, Maxine Roger (one very lucky lady every week) and Brenda Chatham.

Bridge report: We had one table today. Irma Burbach was high.

Dominoes report: Three tables, with the winners as follows:

Round 1 – Judy Sullivan, Anita White and Mary Bartles.

Round 2 – Barb Larson, Anita White and Thelma Raines.

Round 3 – Barb Larson, Vaneta Youngworth and Mary Barles.

Total score – Sally Gilbertson, Vaneta Youngworth and Agnes Mockler.

Am I seeing double or are some ladies on a roll at winning?

Golf report: Three ladies showed up but only two golfed. Beth Silvano decided to go to the dentist instead..tee hee! More fun at golf Beth!

Played "Puttless". Sorry, Edith Nelson, but – not a winner this week.

I, Pat Steckelberg, finally did some good golfing. Lucky, I guess. I won!

The day was warm and humid but that did not keep friendship from happening. Join us! See you on July 11. No golf or luncheon on Fourth of July girls. Sorry!

Pat Steckelberg, reporter

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