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Clem sinks hole-in-one

On July 24, Alan Clem, 83, shot his fourth hole-in-one on hole #8 at The Bluffs in Vermillion. Clem used a nine-iron for the shot, which traveled a distance of 98 yards.

Wednesday Morning

Ladies Association

July 18 was a rather unusual day!!

We finally got some of the wet stuff we have been wanting BUT… not enough.

We had 26 ladies at luncheon and the wonderful desserts (4) were provided by Irma Burback and Lorrain Brunick. I had one of each! There was one guest today, a friend of Mary Bartels – Bonnie Albers. Bonnie lives in Vermillion and we hope to have her with us more.

The drawing winners were:

$5 drawing – Darlene Engbrecht and Marlys Jensen.

Quarters – Agnes Mockler, June Wagner, Beth Silvano, Barb Boone, Thelma Raines,

Mary Lea Henniers and Maxine Rogers.

Dominoes – There were three tables again – great group.

Round 1 – Rose Mart, Babe Hurowitz, and Bonnie Albers. See it is great being with us.

Round 2 – Agnes Mockler, Karine Amundsen, and Mary Bartles.

Round 3 – Rose Mart, Karine Amundson,and Eileen Turner.

Total score – Agnes Mockler, Babe Hurowitz, and Thelma Raines.

There were two tables for Bridge which is wonderful. High was Ramona Kellogg and second high was Mary Lea Hennies.

Golf report – This was where the unusual of the day came in.  We had six golfers and were playing "Roll the Dice." Mother Nature decided to do a trick on us. After finishing hole #2 and just before teeing off on #3 it started to rain. We had a downpour for five minutes!!

It did feel good even though it was wet. Everyone decided to take cover. Four of us headed to a shelter by #4 but two headed to the club. We never saw these two till luncheon time!! The game changed from Roll the Dice to just play our own thing –regular golf! Needless to say – no winners but just a few wet ladies. You never know what will happen at The Bluffs!!

Maybe Wednesday will become the Rainy day day. We can only hope!

See you at The Bluffs.

 Pat Steckelberg, reporter

Men's Senior Golf Fun League

The team of Alan Clem, Andrew Clem, Bob Lund and Cleland Cook defeated the team of Rex Huska, Gary Prasek, Ken Beringer and Ray Lynn.

On #8, the first hole of the match, Alan Clem made a hole-in-one. That shot and a 41-foot birdie putt on #6, made by Alan's son Andrew, led to the victory. The winning team shot a 32 and the other team shot a 36.

The team of Max Anderson, Elmer Mount and Jim Reed won by two holes over the team of Turk Pilker, Shorty Hanson and Vern Holter.

Ross King, Dick Burbach and Louie Fostvedt defeated the team of Bob Solomon, Sid Davis and Guy Button by two holes. Dick Burbach made a 37-foot birdie putt on #6.

Wednesday Evening Ladies League

July 11

There was no Rally for the Cure Tournament due to lack of numbers and enthusiasm. This did not stop eight ladies that had their own pink ball game last Wednesday afternoon. Thanks for the fun and prizes!

July 18

HOT, HOT, HOT night for WELL. The weather did not slow down Kathy Merrigan-Manning who got a birdie on #12 along with the longest putt on the same hole. Judy Barta was also the lucky winner for the night. Along with a birdie on #12 also, she won the 50/50 pot. Lucky Ladies!  Low individual gross was a 44 shot by Susan Oberle and Jane Uhl was close behind with a 45. Low individual net was a 33 by Barb Ballensky and Susan Oberle was a close second with a 34. Nice job ladies. I hope the heat breaks soon but I don't think it will keep the WELL crew off the course!

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