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Men's Senior Golf Fun League

Twenty-one seniors turned out on a warm Tuesday morning to play the back nine of The Bluffs.

In match play the team of Harlan Schott, Louie Fostvedt and Kevin Krall defeated the team of Ross King, Jeri Engelking and Ray Lynn.  The match was decided on the second tiebreaker hole.  Jeri Engelking made a 21 ft. birdie put on #14.

The team of Turk Pilker, Floyd Boschee, Guy Button, and Ray Lund won the match against the team of Bob Solomon, Elmer Mount, Vern Holter and Jim Reed.  The team won by one hole.

Rex Huska, Dick Burbach and Alan Clem won by 2 holes over the team of Shorty Hanson, Sid Davis, and Ken Beringer.  Dick Burbach sank a 28 ft. birdie putt on #11 and Rex Huska made a 36 ft. birdie putt on #14.

The lowest score of the day was 35 and two teams shot 36.

Wednesday Morning

Ladies Association

Fun and games again on July 11 with 29 ladies for luncheon.

Lynn Hatle and Mary Lea Hennies provided our desserts and they were great.

Always look forward to what ladies bring for treats!

Drawing winners for the $5 and quarters is always exciting….someone always has a comment and/or laughter.

$5 winners: Beth Silvano and Ellie Davis.

Quarters:  Karine Amundson, Pat Pratt, Mary Lea Hennies, Lorraine Brunick, Ellie Davis, Glennis Stewart, June Wagner and Mary Bartles.

Bridge report:  High – Ramona Kellogg and 2nd High – Irma Burbach. We had 2 tables today.

Dominoes report:  There were 3 tables again for dominoes and the winners were–

Round 1 – Lynn Hatle, Jan Chapan, and Joyce Zimmerman

Round 2 – Karine Amundson, Babe Hurowitz, and Agnes Mockler

Roune 3 – Vanetta Youngworth, Babe Hurowitz, and Joyce Zimmerman

Total Score – Karine Amundson, Janet Hoff, and Agnes Mockler

Golf report:  Todays play was "Bingo, Bango, Bongo, 1 putt and no Ruff Stuff"

We had 5 golfers today and lots and lots of fun and support.

Karine Amundson won with 12 points. Beth Silvano and Edith Nelson tied for second with 8 each. Beth was really hard on herself but her score was not bad. The best part –  on our last hole #18 Beth had a long putt from the top level to the hole on the  bottom level. She had a super touch that put the ball…yes…IN THE HOLE!!!

Great putt Beth.

You never know what will happen at The Bluffs (expecially at golf, luncheon and games). You don't know what you are missing. Join us every Wednesday.

 Pat Steckelberg, reporter

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