Letters: Big mistake

It's here, folks. Vermillion's all-time street construction disaster. It is Stanford Street from Main to Cherry. On the north side of Cherry, Stanford is 60-feet wide and it connects to a 52-feet wide Main Street at the south. The city is putting in Stanford between these two intersections at 33-feet. This makes Stanford at Main 17-feet narrower. This is very significant for semi trucks turning at Stanford and Main. The width of this new section should have been the same as north of Cherry, 60 feet. This would have allowed for a center turn lane, two traffic lanes and options for the outside lanes would include parking, school bus stops, other bus stops, bike/jogger lane and a margin of safety.

A narrow street will make turning onto and off of Stanford difficult and dangerous. When a vehicle stalls or the police stop a vehicle, it will block a lane of traffic. The residential potential to the west loses some of its attractiveness. Some of the frontage is zoned General Business. Pump 'N Pack will need ample turn room for long units to get into their lot. Stanford is a major city street and a truck route. The city engineer put in 11-foot wide traffic lanes instead of the standard 12-foot lanes that are safer. The building setbacks and the right-of-way would accommodate a 60-foot (forever width) street.

The width was a city call and came from the city engineer and approved by the council.

This narrow width is an outright insult to our community and the city engineer should be fired and the council members that approved this should be given the boot. If there was some leadership on the council, this would have never happened.

Before you criticize this writing, go to Main and Stanford and view the area. You can tell me your thoughts the next time you see me.

When the reality of this calamity is realized at City Hall, watch 'em run for cover. It doesn't get any worse than this.

Paul M. Hasse


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