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Wednesday Morning

 Ladies Association

Today we begin another glorious month – August!

It was a beautiful day, with 27 ladies venturing out to enjoy a day of fun.

Beth Silvano and Pat served treats today. The zucchini bread made by Beth was great.

The drawing-winners are:

$5 drawing – Edith Nelson and Lorraine Brunick.

Quarters – Ellie Davis, Judy Sullivan, Glennis Stewart, Beth Silvano (twice), Rula Hatch, Barb Larson and Jan Chapman.

Bridge report: Anna Patrick (welcome back Anna) was high and Irma Burbach was Second High. They had two tables. Great to have soooo many bridge players.

Dominoes report: There were three tables again. Winners were:

Round 1 – Thelma Raines, Eileen Turner, and Joan Olson.

Round 2 – Jan Chapman, Karine Amundson, and Sally Gilbertson

Round 3 – Brenda Chatham, Vanetta Youngworth, and Joan Olson

Total Score – Barb Boone, Karine Amundson, and Sally Gilbertson.

Golf report: Today we played regular golf but before we started we had to guess our score. We had five golfers. Two of us were only one off: Mary Lea Hennies and Pat Steckelberg.  It was a wonder Steckelberg's score was not higher – on # 2 she took a 10 – yes, she hit two trees, was in the tall grass, and hit her ball onto #17 going the other way! Beth Silvano had a great putt on #6! Good going!

Well we have several more outings yet before winter comes – come visit us!

 Pat Steckelberg, reporter


Aug. 1, 2012

It was another warm evening for WELL. Some women were looking to the sky for rain clouds but none interrupted ladies golf.

The only birdie of the evening was Audrey Ticknor with a chip in on #12.

She would not disclose how far out she was from the green.

Ann Jensen won longest putt on #10.

Low Gross tonight was Mary Gauer (again), with a 41 and that includes getting into some trouble down below the bluff. Nice job, Mary.

Low Net was Jonie Hook with a 29, edging out Pat Durkin with a 30. This is the second week that Pat has lost out by one stroke. Sorry Pat, maybe next week.

Lynette Wolf won the 50/50 of $6.

We will be out there again on Wednesday no matter what the heat index.

Men's Senior Golf

Eight three-man teams competed on Tuesday morning at The Bluffs and a team had to shoot 36 or less to be in the winning circle.

The team of Turk Pilker, Bob Lund and Ron Peterson shot 34, two under par, to record the best score.

Three teams shot 36 and so the order of the finish was decided by tie-breakers.

The team of Sid Davis, Jim Reed and Ken Beringer took second place. Ray Lynn, Shorty Hanson and Harlan Schott came in third. The fourth-place team members were Dave Zimmer, Milo Gilbertson and Dick Burbach.

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