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Wednesday Morning Ladies Association

July 24 was a great day. Twenty-four ladies came out for the rather nice day for luncheon and fun.

Judy Sullivan and Joan Olson made luncheon special with their desserts, and you all know what I did – yes ate both and they were great!

Our lucky drawing winners were:

$5 drawing: Joan Olson and Agnes Mockler – one of these ladies was very lucky.

Quarters – Barb Boone (twice), Agnes Mockler (see what I mean?), Darlene Engbrecht, Judy Sullivan and Maxine Rogers. 

You need to come join us to see how much fun we can have just drawing names for quarters and $5 drawings.

Bridge report: Today Lorraine Brunick was High winner and Ramona Kellogg was Second High.

Dominoes report: Again there were three tables. Some ladies were very lucky at dominoes also. Won more than one round – good going!

Round 1: Joyce Zimmerman, Agnes Mockler, and Barb Boone.

Round 2: Joyce Zimmerman, Agnes Mockler, and Vanetta Youngworth.

Round 3: Barb Larson, Rose Mart, and Barb Boone.

Total Score: Babe Hurowitz, Judy Sullivan, and Vanetta Youngworth.

See what I mean?

Golf report: Four golfers were out today. The weather was almost perfect (we at least did not break out in a sweat or get rained on). We played "Roll The Dice" again as last week we got rained on.

Edith Nelson won with 27 points.

Pat Steckelberg was second with 21 – the dice were not real good to me but I did for a change have a decent score.

Even though the summer is moving on, there is still time to join us and share the fun!

See you at the Bluffs!

 Pat Steckelberg, reporter

Men's Senior Golf Fun League

Twenty-three golfers competed on Tuesday, July 21, at the Bluffs. Five teams competed against each other for the best score.

 The team of Dick Burbach, Rex Huska and Dick Kellogg had the low score. Rex Huska made a 45-foot birdie putt on #12 to give them a 35, one under par for the course.

 The second-place team of Turk Pilker, Sid Davis and Louis Fostvedt shot a 37. Turk Pilker sank a 25-foot birdie putt on #14.

 The third-place team of Ken Bevinger, Pat Boyle and Floyd Boschee shot a 38.

 In match play the team of Gary Prasek, Milo Gilbertson, Ray Lynn and Andrew Clem defeated the team of Max Anderson, Vern Holter, Alan Clem and Cleland Cook. Andrew Clem made a difficult 30-foot putt on #13 and a 180-yard approach shot leading to a birdie on #16 to contribute to the two-hole win.

Wednesday Evening Ladies League

July 25, 2012— A rainstorm in the late afternoon did not stop WELL from completing their rounds. After the clouds cleared and the sun returned there was a beautiful rainbow over The Bluffs golf course.

The change in the weather seemed to help drive down the scores tonight.

There were three birdies on three different holes.

Peggy Donnelly birdies #5, Audrey Ticknor chipped in for a birdie on #6 and Mary Gauer birdied #2 and had Low Gross of 36. Longest putt on #1 was Joanne (dead eye) Ustad, and I think she has won this prize several times.

The biggest news of the night was that Pat Flannigan shot a 53, which was a personal best and earned her Low Net for the night with a 27! Pat Durkin was a close second for Low Net with a 30.

Bluffs Junior Tourney

The Bluffs Junior Tourney, sponsored by Hy-Vee and The Bluffs Golf Course.

7-8 Girls

Keely Huska – 1st (19)

Kensie Mulheron – 2nd (23)

Emily Kahy – 3rd (25)

 7-8 Boys

Willis Robertson – 1st (20)

Ben Burbach – 2nd (23)

Bodhi Brady – 3rd (27)

 9-10 Girls

Alex Carr – 1st (29)

Lilly Johnson – 2nd (31)

Kelly Mulheron – 3rd (34)

9-10 Boys

Noah Gilbertson – 1st (28)

Liam Mechling – 2nd (31)

Cael Mockler – 3rd (34)

11-12 Girls

Anneliese Taggart – 1st (35)

Kara Mulheron – 2nd (36)

Taylor Tarr – 3rd (44)

 11-12 Boys

Devin Anderson – 1st (37)

Deryk Joy – 2nd (43)

Ryan Howe – 3rd (47)

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