Letters: Stanford Street Project will enhance safety

Stanford Street Project will enhance safety

 A letter was printed in the July 27, 2012, edition of the Vermillion Plain Talk.

I believe that it is not only appropriate, but also necessary to provide a response to the letter to the editor that was submitted by Mr. Paul Hasse in regard to the Stanford Street project.

This project was primarily funded with STIP (Statewide Transportation Improvement Program) funds. The city hired Sayre Associates to design the project and the South Dakota Department of Transportation reviewed and approved their plans. That being said, the city is confident that the new street, when completed, will meet the community's needs and will include both a sidewalk and bike path which will enhance safety as well as enjoyment.

Vermillion has the city manager form of government, and as such it is structured in the following manner:

The elected city council members are responsible for hiring the city manager, the city finance officer and the city attorney.

The city finance officer is responsible for hiring employees in the finance office, while the city manager is responsible for hiring the remaining city employees.

I am very proud of our professional staff, the heads of our various departments and their employees. They are hardworking individuals who are our friends and neighbors, and they are trying to make Vermillion the best city that it can be.

I, along with other members of the city council and city staff, value and appreciate feedback from residents at any time. However, in this situation, the manner in which Mr. Hasse chose to share his feedback, in my opinion, was unfair and inappropriate. His suggestions that our "city engineer should be fired and the council members that approved this should be given the boot" is clearly his opinion, which he has a right to have, but perhaps there are better ways to express an opinion constructively without the need to hurt and attack people who are trying to do their best for our community.

Mayor Jack Powell

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