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proud to live in vermillion

I came to Vermillion in February, 1966 to attend the University of South Dakota. I know that doesn't make me a native of Vermillion but I think I have been here long enough to know a little bit about my adopted home.

If you step back for a moment and begin to reflect on what Vermillion has become and what it has to offer it can become quite the list. For instance, let's consider a few things (not listed in any particular order):

Medical care -hospital, doctors, other medical facilities that do an excellent job of taking care of us; The University of South Dakota and all the experiences it has to offer; A system of parks that offer so much, especially for our children; City streets that are very well maintained; Recreation programs that are offered all year long; A highly professional police department;

A volunteer Fire/EMT department – remember its volunteers; Outstanding assisted living facilities; Quick and efficient snow removal; Water of excellent quality and quantity; A state-of-the art landfill; A world famous music museum; An excellent recycling program and facility; A city hall that is the best around; Two movie theaters; Restaurants that offer all kinds of culinary choices; Summer plays that are a joy; A city library that continues to grow; An excellent Arts Council; A state museum that offers so much; Very reliable electrical power and thank goodness for buried power lines; An outstanding public school system and all of its programs; Conscientious people willing to serve on councils and boards; A wide variety of churches; A retail sector that offers so much; Many available jobs; Access to the nation's interstate system is only minutes away; The Chamber/Development Corporation working hard to build the community.

I am sure there are many other things that can and should be added to such a list. All in all, I am very proud and pleased to be living in a community that offers so much. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of what we have.

Bob Fuller

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