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Wednesday Morning

Ladies league

On Aug. 28, 24 ladies came to The Bluffs for fun and games.

Ellie Davis and Anna Patrick were the dessert ladies and the ice cream sundae cone was a real hit with everyone. It was just what we needed in this HOT weather!  Thanks girls!

 Our drawing winners were:  For the $5 drawings – Vanetta Youngworth (winner several times this year) and Darlene Engbrecht.

 Quarter winners:  Eileen Turner, Mary Bartels, Sally Gilbertson, Beth Silvano, Karine Amundson, Mary Lea Hennies and Ramona Kellogg.

 Bridge report:  High today was Marlys Jensen and Second High was Ramona Kellogg.

Ellie said they all had fun. There were two tables.

 Dominoes report: Again we had three tables.

Round 1–Sally Gilbertson, Rula Hatch and Eileen Turner.

Round 2–Karine Amundson, Barb Boone, and Eileen Turner.

Round 3–Pat Pratt, Barb Boone, and Eileen Turner.

Total Score: Lynn Hatle, Beth Silvano, and Vanetta Youngworth.

Wow, Eileen – I think I am seeing triple!!  You are the luckiest lady of the day.

 Golf report: Today we played Bingo, Bango, Bongo with no ruff stuff! Six ladies came out to golf and we had a great time! Karine Amundson was the top winner with 20 and Darlene Engbrecht was second with 18.  A highlite was Darlene on #3–She had a holed out with no putts. She also had a par on this hole. Great shot from just off the green!! I told her when my husband and I golf, if one of us gets par, we get a kiss.  Well, in this case I just patted her on the back!

 We have four more outings then the season is over. Seems it went way too fast. Come out and see what The Bluffs offers and come back next year.

 Pat Steckelberg, reporter

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