City council approves budget ordinance

By Travis Gulbrandson

The Vermillion City Council approved a budget ordinance to provide for next year's operations and discussed some of the projects involved at their regular meeting Monday night.

City Manager John Prescott presented a budget to the City Council at the Aug. 6 meeting, after which time the council reviewed the proposal and submitted revisions to Appropriations Ordinance No. 1286.

According to a document supplied to council members, the revisions increased the appropriation from reserve to the general fund from $202,822 to $215,396.

Prescott said a number of projects will be completed next year using these funds, along with annual maintenance and repair work in various departments.

"There's funding included to replace the carpet and paint in the meeting room at the fire station," Prescott said. "That's certainly well-used by the community, and we're happy to have that facility available, but after about 12 years that room is ready for some new paint and carpet."

Prescott said the city and county will be jointly funding a project to provide a third work station at the local emergency communication center.

He added that 2nd penny funding also will provide equipment for the police and fire departments, a new boiler at the National Guard Armory and a new restroom facility at the Prentis Park baseball field.

Annual funding also will be provided to the Vermillion Public Library, as well as funds for the ongoing renovation.

"The budget does reflect what our best guess is with respect to completing the library addition renovation," Prescott said. "That, for us, spans two budget years, so there is additional funding provided in 2013."

Prescott thanked the

members of the city council for their work Aug. 15-16 revising the budget.

"The council probably spent six, seven hours in budget meeting in the middle of August going through each one of the departments to establish the budget ordinance," he said.

Appropriations Ordinance No. 1286 passed unanimously.

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