Clay county sheriff’s report

08/27/12 13:31

?Deputies responded to a report of a fire in a pasture east of Vermillion. Investigation indicated the fire was set in a burn pit in violation of the county burn ban. The landowner was ticketed for the violation.

08/27/12 16:24

A deputy responded to a report of a grass fire also involving farm equipment north of Meckling. Fire units arrived and put the fire out. The fire was not intentionally set and resulted from a malfunction on the equipment.

08/28/12 03:46

A subject began a scheduled jail sentence and failed a required drug test. The sample was sent to the state lab and charges are being considered based on the results.

08/28/12 08:38

A deputy served a bench warrant at a residence for failure to appear for a traffic offense. The subject was transported to jail and later paid his fine.

08/28/12 10:05

A subject making a court appearance was found to have a warrant for petty theft. The subject was arrested and processed into the jail.

08/28/12 10:31

A report was received regarding harassing text messages. The information was passed along to the School Resource Officer and school officials for investigation.

08/28/12 12:15

The School Resource Officer investigated a report of two juvenile girls fighting in the high school Charges of disturbance of school are being considered by the States Attorney.

08/28/12 15:18

A rural resident reported a theft of corn from a bin occurring years ago. It was learned that the corn had been fed to livestock and there may have been a misunderstanding involving payment. The incident is under investigation.

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08/28/12 15:38

A deputy transported a subject from the Yankton County Jail to the Clay County Jail after he was arrested there on our warrant.

08/29/12 01:09

A deputy witnessed a vehicle fail to make a complete stop at an intersection in Vermillion. The driver was advised to be more cautious.

08/29/12 07:32

A vehicle was observed exceeding the speed limit on 306th St. The driver was warned for the violation.

08/29/12 09:15

A deputy investigated a report of a parent deliberately failing to send a child to school. Charges are being considered by the States Attorney's Office.

08/29/12 09:33

A driver was stopped and asked to slow down on Timber Road.

08/29/12 13:08

Officers assisted a family with locating an elderly family member who had left the home on a walk which was a concern due to the extreme heat of the day. She was located nearby in good health.

08/29/12 14:35

A report was received about a bigamist marriage occurring in Clay County. The matter is under investigation.

08/29/12 16:56

A deputy took a report from a citizen who feels that things are being taken and then returned in his house. Nothing is currently missing.

08/29/12 17:05

A patient was transported from Vermillion to the Human Services Center in Yankton for a Mental Health Committal.

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08/29/12 17:11

A deputy responded to a residence near Hub City where a fire was reported. Fire Units responded and put the fire out. The fire was determined to have started accidentally.

08/29/12 18:27

A rural resident called with questions about removing a vehicle parked on his property. A deputy provided some information and the caller stated he would work something out with the vehicle's owner.

08/30/12 07:52

A caller reported his pickup stolen from his residence in Meckling. A deputy investigated and located the pickup parked elsewhere on the property.

08/30/12 14:10

The School Resource Officer investigated a theft of an Ipod at Jolley School. A teacher had recovered the stolen item. The case was forwarded to the States Attorney for potential prosecution.

08/30/12 14:30

The School Resource Officer investigated a report hat a student brought brass knuckles to Jolley School. The incident was handled administratively by school officials.

08/30/12 17:13

A patient was transported by a deputy to the Human Services Center in Yankton for an involuntary mental health committal.

08/30/12 20:23

A car was stopped for driving erratically. The driver was not impaired but was informed of the observation. The driver reported she was distracted and driving in that manner because of a small dog on her lap.

08/30/12 20:37

A caller contacted a deputy to dispute the terms of the protection order against him and wanted permission to violate the order. The deputy advised him that was not an option. The caller was cautioned to abide by the conditions.

08/31/12 09:51

A deputy transported an inmate from Sioux Falls to Clay County after she was arrested there on our warrant.

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09/01/12 14:34

A woman called reporting that her boyfriend deliberately damaged her property while he was moving it out of his house when they broke up. After investigation, the boyfriend was arrested and charged with intentional damage to property.

09/01/12 16:30

A vehicle was observed with recently expired license plates. The driver was asked to notify the owner, who was not present, of the problem.

09/01/12 20:34

A report was received of a car/deer accident on 302nd St. near Wakonda. A deputy responded and information was taken for an accident report.

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