Clay county sheriff’s report, Continued

09/02/12 00:20

?A woman called reporting what sounded like someone knocking on her door. Officers responded but found no prowler in the area.

09/02/12 14:58

A caller reported a temporary traffic sign in the driving lane in the construction zone on Highway 50. A deputy responded and moved the sign into the proper position and reported the matter to the construction company.

09/02/12 15:48

A cell phone report was received of a car driving erratically on Burbank Road. A deputy responded to the area but was unable to locate the vehicle.

09/02/12 22:44

A report was received of an elderly man in a disabled vehicle with no money or gas parked on the road in the northern part of Clay County. A deputy responded to assist but the vehicle and driver were gone.

09/03/12 12:03

A Wakonda resident reported the theft of some lawn ornaments including a small windmill. The incident is under investigation.

09/03/12 14:17

A report was received of a rural resident who often drove while under the influence. There was no violation currently happening so the information was passed on to deputies for future reference.

09/03/12 17:17

A vehicle was observed speeding past the City Park in Wakonda. The driver was cautioned to slow down in this area.

09/04/12 13:26

An inmate was transported to the Clay County Jail from Yankton after he violated the conditions of the 24/7 program.

?09/04/12 13:56

A caller reported the theft of a vehicle and other items from a residence she rented to the suspect. It appears the suspect had the vehicle with permission at one time but has since moved away. This incident is under investigation.

09/04/12 14:07

A report was received of a two vehicle accident in the construction zone on Highway 50 near Meckling. A deputy responded to investigate. One driver was cited for following too closely after rear ending the other vehicle. The driver of the second vehicle was cited for driving under revocation.

09/04/12 20:01

A deputy responded to a report of a field on fire near the intersection of Highway 19 and 308th St. It was believed the fire was caused by lightning. Rain put out most of the fire and the fire department put out what fire remained after the rain stopped.

09/04/12 20:45

A vehicle was observed with expired license plates. The vehicle was stopped and the deputy found the driver had a suspended driver's license. The driver was cited for driving under suspension.

09/04/12 21:03

A caller reported suspicious activity in Wakonda which may have been a possible protection order violation. Deputies investigated but there was not probable cause for an arrest. The information was shared with other deputies for future reference.

09/04/12 22:06

Two patients were transported to the Human Services Center in Yankton for involuntary mental health committals.

09/05/12 07:34

A vehicle was observed going 70 mph in the 55 mph zone on 306th St. The driver was stopped and a citation was issued for the violation.

09/05/12 08:35

A driver was stopped and ticketed for driving 65 mph in the 55 mph zone north of Wakonda on 455th Avenue.

?09/05/12 15:15

Debris was reported to be in the driving lane on Highway 50 causing a traffic hazard. A deputy responded and removed the debris from the road.

09/05/12 15:17

A property owner reported the theft of water from a hydrant at an unoccupied farm on 316th St. near Vermillion. The matter is under investigation.

09/05/12 16:47

A deputy served a temporary custody order which directed law enforcement to assist the mother with getting custody of the child from the father. The father was cooperative and the situation was resolved.

09/05/12 18:21

A report was received of a battery stolen from a camper in Irene. The information was shared with the Irene Police Department. The incident is under investigation.

09/05/12 22:39

A report was received of a damaged stop sign at the intersection of Highway 50 and Highway 19. A deputy made sure the sign was upright and visible and notified the construction company performing work at that location.

09/06/12 06:39

A motorist reported a traffic hazard on Highway 50. A deputy made sure the debris was clear of the road and notified the State Highway Department.

09/06/12 11:13

A dispute was reported involving the sale of shared assets after a couple divorced. The matter is under investigation to determine if the matter is criminal.

09/06/12 13:13

Deputies and the ambulance responded to a 3rd party report of a medical emergency. Upon arrival they found another person had driven the patient to the hospital and the caller had not been aware of this.

09/06/12 14:56

An inmate was transported by a deputy from the Springfield Penitentiary to the Clay County Jail for a court appearance.

09/06/12 16:42

A concerned caller reported a dog in a car with the windows up while parked at a business. The owner was located and advised to take care of the dog.

09/07/12 00:40

A deputy located some debris that appeared to be dumped in the ditch on Timber Road. Arrangements were made to get it cleaned up.

09/07/12 01:46

A driver was stopped on Highway 50 and notified of a tail light out.

09/07/12 07:37

A deputy transported a prisoner from the State Penitentiary in Sioux Falls to Clay County for a court appearance.

09/07/12 16:51

An inmate was transported to the State Penitentiary in Sioux Falls after a court appearance.

09/07/12 19:03

An inmate was transported to the State Penitentiary in Springfield after a court appearance in Clay County.

09/07/12 20:03

A car was observed in operation in Wakonda with no license plates. The driver was approached and cited for driving under suspension and failure to maintain insurance on the car. A warning was given for no license plates.

09/07/12 21:06

A caller reported a possible protection order violation in Wakonda. There was not enough information for prosecution at that point but a deputy patrolled the area to make sure that the possible suspect did not return.

09/07/12 21:31

A caller reported suspicious threatening phone calls and that a caller from Iowa told her he had been getting calls from her number. The second caller said this began after a craigslist ad was placed. The incident is under investigation.

?09/08/12 08:21

A report was received of a man lying on Highway 50 near the Clay/Union County line. A deputy investigated and found and identified a transient. The man was walking and clear of the road by the time of arrival and not in need of any assistance.

09/08/12 10:02

A deputy responded to and investigated a two-car injury accident near Wakonda on 302nd St.

09/08/12 11:19

A caller reported a transient sleeping along the road near her residence. She was concerned about him hanging around the area. A deputy responded and found him to be the same person he had spoken to hours earlier. The man was moving along by this time and was allowed to continue on his way.

09/08/12 16:40

A deputy responded to a report of a grass fire along Burbank Road and assisted with traffic control while fire units put the fire out.

09/08/12 20:44

A resident near Burbank returned to find an open door. A deputy was requested to search the house to make sure no one was inside. A deputy found no one present and no forced entry.

09/08/12 21:34

A non-injury accident was reported after a driver struck a raccoon on 302nd St. An accident report was completed.

09/08/12 22:47

A caller reported a fire burning in violation of the county burn ban. A deputy investigated and learned the fire was in a campfire pit. The person with the fire was instructed that the burn ban was still in place and was asked to put the fire out.

09/08/12 23:34

A caller reported her child was missing. A deputy found that the child was with her father.

Total: 42

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