Entrepreneurship certificate offered through SDSU

An entrepreneurship certificate available through South Dakota State University will help people who are interested in starting their own business or making their current business better.

 The certificate in entrepreneurship offers specialized classes enabling individuals anywhere in South Dakota to learn how to grow their own business.

Three classes are offered each semester with each one-credit class lasting for six weeks and meeting for two hours per week. Twelve credits are offered and successful completion of 10 credits earns a certificate of entrepreneurship.

All courses are offered through the interactive Digital Dakota Network across South Dakota. The first course offered this semester was financial analysis/record keeping/accounting.

Students can still sign up this semester for two courses: taxation in entrepreneurship, to be held Sept. 10-Oct. 22; and selling in entrepreneurship, to be held Oct. 17-Nov. 14.

For more information about the courses and to locate a network site, contact Barb Heller, entrepreneurial studies coordinator at 605-688-6522 or Barb.Heller@sdstate.edu.

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