Midcontinent Communications launches ‘TV Everywhere’ for Turner Networks

Midcontinent Communications video subscribers now have access to "TV Everywhere" programming for Turner Networks.

 "We are excited to add this 'TV Everywhere' option for our customers," said Director of Programming Wynne Haakenstad. "Now customers can view their favorite Turner Network programs, series, news and sporting events when they want and on the device they prefer."

Viewers can use their PCs, laptops and mobile devices to watch Turner Network programming 24 hours after the programming is aired on cable. Channels include TBS, TNT, truTV, Cartoon Network, CNN, HLN and Adult Swim.*

Content is accessed with a Midcontinent Communications e-mail address (username) and password. Authentication to each Turner Networks channel is based on video subscription. Access to the network online depends on subscriber's video package.

Customers can access Turner Network programming online by visiting the channel Web site or at Midco.net:

1. Select provider: Choose Midcontinent Communications from the list that appears in the apps or on the channel's website.

2. Sign in: Use your Midcontinent Communications email address (username) and password.

3. Watch full episodes: Enjoy all of your favorite programming wherever and whenever you want them, on your laptop, iPad, iPhone or other device.

*Channel availability varies by area. Customers can check availability of channels and retrieve username and password information by contacting Midcontinent at www.midcocomm.com.

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