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Wednesday Morning

Ladies Association

As of Sept. 19, there is only one more week of fun with our summer ladies.

Twenty-two ladies were at luncheon. The treats were great and well worth waiting for. They were a little late being delivered, which had Vanetta Youngworth and Janet Hof a bit nervous. Thanks for the treats, ladies.

 Our drawing winners were:

$5 drawing: Joan Olson and Vanetta Youngworth.

Quarters: Eileen Turner, Pat Pratt, Judy Sullivan, Karine Amundson, Ann Stewart and Babe Hurowitz.

Bridge report: Glennis Stewart was High today and Irma Burbach was Second High. There was only one table today.

 Dominoes report: There were three tables. Totals: Joyce Zimmerman with 230, Barb Boone with 78 after winning nine sets. Sally Gilbertson was grand total.

 Golf report: Four golfers came out today. The weather was perfect. We finished before the wind came up.

We played poker. Mary Lea Hennies was our winner with three sevens and Karine

Amundson second with three sixes.

 Where has the summer gone? Only one more day of fun, luncheon, games and golf.

Pat Steckelberg


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