Clay County Sheriff Press Briefing

10/14/12 11:44 — A caller reported a note left at a church in Wakonda. It was not known what was meant by the note or who left it. It did not appear to be criminal in nature or threatening.

10/14/12 13:46 — A vehicle was stopped and the driver cited for speeding on 455th Avenue.

10/14/12 19:01 — A caller reported an erratic driver east of Vermillion. A deputy was able to locate the vehicle and investigate. It was found the driver was sleepy but was not otherwise impaired.

10/15/12 09:08 — A deputy located and arrested a subject with a Clay County arrest warrant for felony drug charges.

10/15/12 10:46 — A driver was stopped and notified of the requirement to have a front license plate.

10/15/12 12:57 — A resident called to report bags of garbage dumped in the ditch. A deputy met with him at the scene but by this time the garbage had been cleaned up.

10/15/12 17:19 — A deputy located an occupied vehicle, which had run out of gas. There were no plates on the vehicle. He found it had been recently purchased. The driver was informed how to get a temporary permit.

10/16/12 00:02 — A caller reported blinking lights on top of Spirit Mound. A deputy investigated and also saw the lights. He was able to locate a group of people who were hunting for ghosts in the area. No ghosts were found.

10/16/12 14:06 — A deputy responded to a grass fire north of Meckling. Fire units were able to put the fire out. The property owner said the fire started while he was mowing.

? 10/16/12 14:50 — An inmate was transported to a medical clinic for an appointment and then returned to the jail.

10/16/12 16:32 — Deputies transported a patient from the hospital to the Human Services Center in Yankton for an involuntary mental illness hold. They also transported a male prisoner to the Yankton County Jail to meet a state prisoner transport vehicle.

10/16/12 22:47 — A vehicle was observed operating in a suspicious manner near Wakonda. A deputy investigated and eventually identified the occupants. No arrests were made.

10/18/12 15:53 — A report was received of construction barrels being misaligned due to high winds in the Highway 50 construction project. Officers responded to re-set the barrels and the construction company was notified.

10/18/12 22:37 — A deputy assisted a person who was stranded in Vermillion with finding a ride to Yankton.

10/19/12 11:15 — An inmate incarcerated in Union County was transported to Clay County for a court appearance for Clay County charges.

10/19/12 12:33 — A deputy took a report of a non injury accident on Highway 19.

10/19/12 15:47 — A 911 call was received from a phone in Irene. There was no conversation but the line remained open. A deputy responded to investigate and found that a child had been playing with the phone. There was no need for further action.

10/19/12 18:39 — An inmate was transported back to the Union County Jail after a court appearance in Clay County.

?10/20/12 09:37 — A report was received of a skid loader on fire south of Vermillion. Officers responded and the fire was contained with fire extinguishers to prevent a grass fire until fire units arrived and put the fire out.

10/20/12 16:09 — A report was received of a grass fire north of Meckling. There was no indication the fire was intentionally set. Fire units responded but the landowner had extinguished most of the fire with a garden hose.

10/20/12 21:30 — A driver was stopped and warned for excessive speed on 306th St.

10/20/12 22:40 — A vehicle was observed failing to stop at a stop sign near Volin. The driver was cautioned to make a complete stop at that intersection.

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