Clay County Sheriff Press Briefing

10/07/12 09:03 — A caller reported an erratic driver in Vermillion. A deputy located the vehicle finding an elderly woman driving. She was confused and the deputy suspected a medical problem. An ambulance was dispatched and it was learned she was having a diabetic reaction. She was transported to the hospital.

10/07/12 14:26 — A vehicle was observed driving through a stop sign on Bluff Road without stopping. The vehicle was stopped and the driver ticketed for the offense.

10/07/12 23:09 — A deputy responded to a report of a car/deer accident near the intersection of Highway 50 and Highway 19.

10/08/12 13:35 — A caller reported a fire in a bean field. A deputy responded along with fire units. It was found that the fire started from a lit cigarette. Fire units put the fire out.

10/08/12 16:42 — A caller reported a woman fell in Meckling and may need an ambulance. A deputy responded to the area but the woman had left without waiting for assistance.

10/09/12 14:42 — A report was received of a complaint that a drainage ditch was cleaned without a proper permit. The matter is under investigation.

10/09/12 19:50 — A caller requested someone check on his ex-wife and kids because he couldn't get in touch with them for days. A deputy found out there were no problems but their phone wasn't working.

10/09/12 21:07 — A deputy responded to a family disturbance in Irene. There was no reported assault or violence. The deputy mediated an agreement to allow the couple to get through the night and resolve the problem when tempers had settled down.

?10/10/12 01:35 — Officers responded to a report of a suicide in rural Vermillion. It was determined that the information was a hoax and the person was fine. The origin of the report is under investigation.

10/10/12 07:12 — A vehicle was observed speeding southbound on University Road. The vehicle was stopped and the driver ticketed for the offense.

10/10/12 07:34 — A vehicle was stopped and the driver ticketed for excessive speed on 306th St.

10/10/12 07:52 — A vehicle was observed speeding on 306th St. The vehicle was stopped and the driver ticketed for the offense.

10/10/12 09:49 — State Radio Communications reported a semi on Interstate 29 losing rocks from its load. The semi turned west toward Vermillion. A deputy was able to locate the vehicle and inform the driver of the problem. There was no violation in Clay County but information was documented.

10/10/12 10:52 — A deputy transported an inmate from the jail to a medical appointment.

10/10/12 13:33 — A deputy transported an inmate from the jail to a doctor appointment and then returned her to the jail.

10/10/12 20:25 — A report was received of a horse out on Bluff Road. The owner was notified. A deputy checked the area and found the horse was no longer loose.

10/11/12 09:28 — A deputy transported an inmate from the Yankton County Jail to the Clay County Jail after he violated the 24/7 program there.

10/11/12 11:50 — A patient at the Human Services Center was released with Clay County criminal charges pending. The sheriff transported him from Yankton to the jail.

10/12/12 08:37 — Deputies traveled to Lincoln, NE to transport a fugitive back to Clay County after a probation violation.

10/12/12 16:35 — A deputy was summoned to the Courtroom due to a defendant who had become emotional. The deputy responded the the situation remained calm.

10/12/12 18:21 — A vehicle was stopped and the driver cited for speeding on University Road.

10/12/12 22:51 — A vehicle was stopped on Timber Road and the driver warned for excessive speed.

10/13/12 14:12 — A report was received of a woman sitting on the Missouri River bridge on Highway 19. The caller was concerned. A deputy and Highway Patrol Troopers responded and determined the woman was not a threat to herself.

10/13/12 16:17 — A deputy investigated a non injury accident at the intersection of highway 50 and University Road.

10/13/12 19:44 — A report was received of a gas leak in Vermillion. A deputy responded to locate the source of the leak. Fire units and the gas company were contacted.

10/13/12 22:05 — A complaint was received of a reckless driver north of Vermillion. Deputies searched for the vehicle but it had left the area. The caller was not able to get a license plate number.

10/13/12 22:09 — A deputy came upon a non injury accident in Vermillion. He assisted the Vermillion Police Department with traffic control during the investigation.

?10/13/12 23:42 — An inmate appeared to be having a seizure so he was transported to the emergency room to be evaluated and then returned to the jail.

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