Vandals strike wide area of Vermillion

By Travis Gulbrandson

Vermillion police are investigating a series of vandalism incidents that occurred last weekend.

According the Chief Matt Betzen, an unknown suspect or suspects slashed tires, broke windows and mirrors and stole small items out of at least 22 cars late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

The area affected stretched from "the alleyways behind Pine Street, behind Plum, north University, which is north of Main – from that general area to Clark," Betzen said. "It's several blocks wide and several blocks deep."

It was reported in other news outlets that DNA evidence was collected in the early stages of the investigation.

Betzen confirmed this in an interview with the Plain Talk, but added, "What value that evidence will have is yet to be determined.

"Obviously, it has to be processed," he said. "With any kind of DNA or fingerprints, it's possible that you've collected stuff that's there innocently, so it'll be some time before we know (the value)."

The Vermillion Police Department is welcoming any pertinent information regarding the incidents, he added.

"Most of these cases are solved because people come and tell us who did it," Betzen said.

If residents have information, they are encouraged to call Detective Robin Hower at 677-7070 or e-mail him at

As of press time, there are no suspects in the incidents.

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