Clay County election results (FINAL RESULTS)

As Americans around the country flocked to the polls Tuesday, voters in Clay County also cast their votes in three local races.

The District 17 House race featured three newcomers: Marion Sorlien (D) Ray Ring (D) and Nancy Rasmussen (R).

The District 17 Senate race pits Tom Jones (R), who finished a two-year term in the SD House earlier this year, against John S. Chicoine (R).

The Clay County Commission race includes incumbents Leo Powell (D) and Raymond (Dusty) Passick (D) and challengers Ruth A. Bremer (D), Travis Mockler (R), and Stanley M. Peterson (I). Voters are asked to choose up to three of these five candidates.

Results will be updated as the night progresses.

Running results from the races (as of 8:55 p.m. NOT FINAL) are as follows:


Tom Jones —3,563

John S. Chicoine — 3,477


Marion Sorlien — 3,052

Ray Ring — 3,226

Nancy Rasmussen — 3,576


Leo Powell — 2,123

Raymond (Dusty) Passick — 1,883

Ruth A. Bremer — 1,683

Travis Mockler — 1,759

Stanley M. Peterson — 705

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