Clay County Sheriff Press Briefing

11/11/12 11:40 – A caller reported the door to the county highway shop was open. A deputy investigated and found the door was not properly latched. There was no forced entry so the building was secured.

11/12/12 09:35 – A report was received of a dog killing a neighbor's chickens. A deputy responded to investigate and to notify the dog's owner.

11/12/12 13:19 – A deputy transported a parole violator to the SD State Penitentiary and then transported an inmate from the Minnehaha County Jail to the Clay County Jail after the inmate was arrested in Sioux Falls on Clay County charges.

11/12/12 15:26 – A report was received of an engine stolen from a garage in Burbank. The incident is under investigation.

11/13/12 06:29 – A deputy took a report of a car/deer accident. He responded and gathered information for an accident report.

11/13/12 08:25 – A caller reported striking a deer on Highway 19. A deputy responded and collected information for an accident report.

11/13/12 11:22 – While attempting to serve an arrest warrant at a person's residence, evidence of drug use was observed. A search warrant was obtained and drug evidence was found. The resident was charged with drug offenses.

11/13/12 11:29 – A deputy attempted to locate a wanted person at his home. After learning he was at work, the warrant was served at his work place. The subject was arrested.

11/13/12 12:39 – A report was received of a grass fire northwest of Vermillion. A deputy responded along with fire units. The fire department put the fire out.

11/13/12 13:31 – A Distress Warrant was received from the Treasurer after a Wakonda resident paid for his license plates with a bad check. A deputy removed the plates from the vehicles and later collected the amount owed in full. The plates were then returned to the vehicle owner.

11/13/12 22:32 – A deputy noted a stop sign damaged by a semi trailer during a turn. He temporarily repaired the sign and notified the Deptartment of Transportation.

11/14/12 08:33 – The School Resource Officer picked up two truant boys who refused to go to school. The boys were transported to school.

11/14/12 11:57 – A juvenile was transported in custody from Sioux Falls to Vermillion for a court appearance.

11/14/12 12:08 – A deputy investigated a rollover accident on Burbank Road. There were no injuries.

11/14/12 13:51 – A patient was transported from the jail to the Human Services center in Yankton for an involuntary mental illness hold.

11/14/12 15:38 – A juvenile was transported to Sioux Falls in custody after a court appearance.

11/15/12 17:30 – A report was received of a person trespassing. The landowner had told the other person to leave. A deputy responded to the area and was unable to locate the suspect.

11/15/12 17:44 – A deputy located a disable vehicle which had lost a trailer tire. The deputy made sure the roadway was clear. The driver didn't need any additional assistance.

11/15/12 18:04 – A deputy responded to assist the Yankton County Sheriff's Office with located a reported drunk driver. The vehicle was located and detained until a Yankton County unit could respond.

11/16/12 15:44 – An alarm was received from a business in Wakonda. It was determined no illegal entry occurred.

11/16/12 16:35 –An inmate was transported by a deputy from the jail to the SD State Penitentiary after sentencing.

11/16/12 17:40 – A patient was transported from the Jail to the Human Services center in Yankton for an involuntary mental illness hold.

11/16/12 20:08 – A deputy observed a vehicle stopped on the road with its hazard lights on. The deputy assisted the driver with directions to his destination.

11/16/12 21:36 – A deputy transported an inmate from the Yankton County Jail to the Clay County Jail after being arrested there on Clay County charges.

11/17/12 04:40 – An inmate was transported to the emergency room for evaluation after falling off a bunk and then making suicidal statements. Once cleared by medical staff, the inmate was returned to the jail.

11/17/12 18:55 – A deputy investigated a car/deer accident east of Vermillion. There were no injuries. The deer fled the scene.

Total: 26

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