Clay County Sheriff Press Briefing

11/04/12 10:23 — A caller requested a deputy settle a dispute over property after a divorce. The deputy worked to mediate an agreement but had no authority to decide on the property ownership.

11/05/12 09:53 — A deputy traveled to Sioux Falls to pick up a prisoner who was arrested there on Clay County charges. The inmate was transported back to the Clay County Jail.

11/05/12 10:19 — A report was received of assets embezzled from a business by an employee. The incident is under investigation.

11/05/12 17:36 — A rural resident reported stray peacocks in her yard. There have been no reports of anyone missing peacocks.

11/05/12 17:56 — Deputies served a protection order which granted custody of children to the petitioner. The deputies assisted with the custody transfer.

11/06/12 10:40 — The school resource officer received a report of Middle School boys apparently snorting a powdered drink mix. The matter was reported to the boys' parents who took the boys home from school.

11/06/12 12:49 — A report was received of horses on the road near the intersection of Bluff Road and 313th St. Deputies removed the horses from the road and notified the owner of the problem.

11/06/12 16:57 — A vehicle was observed speeding on Highway 19. The vehicle was stopped and the driver cited for the offense.

11/07/12 03:07 — A report was received about smoke coming from a rural residence. A deputy investigated and found the smoke coming from a wood burning stove.

?11/07/12 07:46 — A report was received of a suspicious vehicle parked in Burbank. The owner was contacted and asked to move the vehicle from where it was parked.

11/07/12 16:30 — A report was received of horses out at the intersection of Bluff Road and 313th St. These same horses had been out previously. The owner was contacted and responded to the area. The horses were moved to another pasture.

11/07/12 21:50 — A vehicle was stopped for speeding in the construction zone on Highway 50. The driver was cited for the violation.

11/07/12 22:11 — A vehicle was stopped on Highway 50 and the driver notified of a non-functioning headlight.

11/08/12 08:40 — The school resource officer received a report of a Middle School student offering to sell marijuana to other students on the bus. The student was contacted and no marijuana was found. Parents were notified.

11/08/12 10:16 — A deputy responded to check the welfare of a rural resident who had pushed her medic alert button. It was determined she had accidentally pushed the wrong button and there was no problem.

11/08/12 15:48 — A report was received of a dog bite north of Vermillion. The dog and owner were identified.

11/08/12 15:58 — A report was received of sheep being killed by dogs in the Centerville area.

11/09/12 08:42 — A person was transported by a deputy to the Human Services Center for inpatient alcohol treatment.

?11/09/12 10:02 — A deputy transported an inmate from the Minnehaha County jail to the Clay County Jail after an arrest there on Clay County charges.

11/09/12 13:43 — A caller reported grass fires burning in a ditch east of Vermillion. A deputy responded and located several fires in the area. Some were attended and some were unattended. The fire department put out the fires that were unattended.

11/09/12 18:08 — A deputy assisted the Highway Patrol with the investigation of a rollover accident on Burbank Road.

11/10/12 20:51 — A deputy assisted the GF&P with investigating a complaint of hunters using artificial light.

Total: 22

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