Clay County Sheriff Press Briefing

10/28/12 12:30

A driver was stopped for speeding on Highway 50 in the construction zone. He was warned for the speeding offense but ticketed for driving with a suspended license.

10/28/12 18:19

A deputy responded to a citizen's report that his mailbox had been struck by a vehicle near Wakonda. Information was taken for a report of the incident.

10/28/12 20:17

A deputy checked residences in Irene and Wakonda in search of an escapee from another jurisdiction. The inmate was not found but deputies will be attempting to locate him.

10/29/12 09:45

A vehicle was stopped for speeding at 74 mph in the 55 mph zone on University Road and the driver was ticketed for the offense.

10/29/12 17:14

A deputy traveled to Brookings and Sioux Falls to transport back inmates who had been arrested at these locations on Clay County warrants.

10/29/12 19:14

A complaint was received of a rural resident moving to Vermillion and abandoning his dogs. A deputy checked on the dogs and was contacted by a neighbor who offered to give the dogs a home.

10/29/12 22:30

A report was received of stray llamas near Wakonda. The animals were located clear of the road but the owner was not located.

10/30/12 13:28

A deputy assisted with traffic control while a power line was installed over Highway 50 near Dakota Street.

10/30/12 13:36

A protection order was served to one party of a domestic dispute.

10/30/12 14:27

A resident requested deputies to check her home for drugs after learning a family member was arrested for drug charges. Officers and a drug dog responded and found objects of paraphernalia but no drugs present.

10/30/12 14:29

Officers checked a residence near Wakonda in an attempt to locate a person who escaped from the Yankton County Jail. The person was not found.

10/30/12 19:22

A man came into the Sheriff's Office to resolve his outstanding warrant. It was found that he was under the influence of marijuana. After investigation, he was arrested for ingestion of marijuana and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

10/31/12 16:14

A deputy investigated a complaint of vandalism to a tractor near Gayville. It was found that the damage happened sometime in the last year and was not recent.

10/31/12 21:51

A vehicle was observed speeding on the highway past the city park in Wakonda. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was asked to slow down in this area.

10/31/12 23:31

A deputy responded to a domestic disturbance at a rural residence. There was no altercation but a resident wanted his girlfriend removed from the house. The deputy assisted with some options to resolve the dispute. No arrests were made.

11/01/12 00:25

A deputy assisted officers from the Vermillion Police Department with a drug investigation and a search warrant. Six arrests were made.

11/01/12 10:24

A deputy served a protection order to one party in a domestic dispute. The petitioner was notified of the service.

11/01/12 17:34

A deputy assisted the Vermillion Police Department with a suicidal woman who had become combative. She was safely detained and evaluated for a mental illness hold.

11/01/12 17:49

A caller reported a suspicious person walking on University Road north of Vermillion. A deputy responded but the person was no longer in the area.

11/01/12 18:20

A caller reported a fire near Frog Creek Road and 306th St. A deputy confirmed that the fire was attended by the landowner.

11/01/12 18:35

A deputy arrested a man who had violated a protection order.

11/01/12 19:23

A report was received of two suspicious people walking on Highway 19 north of Vermillion. A deputy responded to the area but the pedestrians were not located.

11/01/12 22:02

A vehicle was stopped and the driver cited for speeding in the construction zone on Highway 50.

11/02/12 12:01

A deputy responded to a report of a non-injury accident north of Vermillion. Information was gathered for an accident report.

11/02/12 13:57

An inmate was transported from the jail to a doctor visit and then returned to the jail.

11/02/12 14:47

A resident near Beresford reported 14 goats killed. It is believed they may have been killed by dogs. The matter is under investigation.

11/03/12 00:36

A deputy located a semi stopped along the road and after checking on the driver learned the driver needed directions. The deputy assisted the driver with directions to his destination.

11/03/12 21:51

A vehicle was observed driving at 89 mph on 306th St. The vehicle was stopped and the driver cited for the offense.

11/03/12 21:53

A deputy assisted the Vermillion Police Department with locating a rural resident who had violated a protection order. The man was located at his residence and subsequently arrested for the offense.

Total: 29

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