Clay County Sheriff Press Briefing

10/21/12 12:56 — A report was received of stray llamas near Wakonda. A deputy responded but did not locate the llamas.

10/21/12 19:26 — A complaint was received of a resident near Burbank starting a fire in violation of the County Burn ban. The person was ticketed for the violation.

10/21/12 21:02 — A deputy came upon a disabled vehicle south of Wakonda. The driver had assistance and felt he could get the vehicle operable and did not need a tow.

10/21/12 22:41 — A report was received of a disabled vehicle on Highway 50 East of Vermillion. A deputy provided traffic control until gas could be brought to the vehicle and it could be driven away.

10/22/12 06:43 — A report was received of a fire at the landfill involving the main structure. A deputy responded to provide traffic control and then assist with the investigation regarding the cause and to assess the damage.

10/22/12 08:57 — A deputy observed a vehicle failing to yield to a fire truck with its emergency lights and siren activated. The deputy stopped the vehicle and issued a warning for the offense. The driver stated he had not checked his mirrors.

10/22/12 12:04 — A subject was transported by a deputy to the Glory House in Sioux Falls for court ordered alcohol treatment.

10/23/12 08:31 — A caller made a complaint that another vehicle was driving erratically and the driver may be impaired. A deputy located the vehicle and investigated. The driver was found to be sleepy and not otherwise impaired.

? 10/23/12 09:13 — While attending to a parking issue, the School Resource Officer discovered a knife and a rifle in a vehicle in the high school parking lot. This is a criminal offense as well as a violation of school policy. The information was forwarded to the school administration and the States Attorney for prosecution.

10/23/12 10:42 — An old trailer loaded with household trash was found disabled and dumped in a township road ditch. Investigation produced a suspect who was cited for littering in excess of 10 pounds.

10/23/12 14:26 — A rural resident reported her neighbor's dogs repeatedly come to her property and chase her horses. The dog owner was contacted and made aware of the problem. The dogs' owner had recently moved away from the residence and has now made arrangements to move the dogs as well.

10/23/12 14:33 — A report was received of bags of leaves and a swing set dumped in the ditch near the landfill. A deputy investigated and made arrangements to have the debris cleaned up.

10/23/12 20:11 — A report was received of two individuals poaching deer south of Vermillion. The report was passed along to the GF&P Conservation Officer. Deputies provided assistance to the Conservation Officer with his investigation.

10/24/12 00:42 — While on patrol, a deputy encountered a vehicle parked with hazard lights flashing. He checked on the vehicle and learned the driver was unfamiliar with the area and had become lost. The driver was given directions to Vermillion.

10/24/12 02:16 — An inmate was transported by a deputy to the Yankton County Jail to meet a state prisoner transport shuttle.

10/24/12 07:26 — A vehicle was observed speeding on University Road. The vehicle was stopped and the driver ticketed for the offense.

?10/24/12 11:50 — After an arrest warrant was issued for failure to appear on a speeding ticket, a deputy learned a man had identified himself as his own brother during a traffic stop and forged his brother's name on the ticket. After investigation, the case was forwarded to the States Attorney for prosecution.

10/24/12 12:19 — A report was received of a transfer case stolen from a pickup parked at a business near Meckling.

10/24/12 16:12 — A deputy assisted the Vermillion Police in looking for a person reported as suspicious in a parking lot. A car was stopped and the driver was determined to not be the suspect. There were no crimes alleged.

10/24/12 23:09 — An inmate experienced a possible seizure in the jail and was transported to the emergency room for evaluation and then returned to jail.

10/25/12 13:37 — A complaint was received of a dispute between two hunters over an area both claim permission to hunt. The information was forwarded to the GF&P Conservation Officer.

10/25/12 15:57 — An alcohol committal patient was transported from McKennan Behavioral health to the Clay County Jail after he refused treatment there.

10/25/12 20:15 — A vehicle was stopped and the driver notified of a non-functioning headlight.

10/26/12 06:23 — A deputy traveled to Winner to transport a prisoner back to Clay County to be held on our charges. He also picked up an inmate from the state penitentiary in Springfield for a court appearance in Clay County,

10/26/12 07:32 — A caller reported a vehicle parked on his property in Wakonda. The registered owner was contacted and he moved the vehicle.

?10/26/12 16:08 — An inmate was transported by a deputy to the SD State Penitentiary in Springfield after court in Clay County.

10/26/12 18:33 —?A person was transported by a deputy to the Human Services Center in Yankton for an involuntary mental illness hold.

10/26/12 21:29 ∏ A 911 call was received but the caller said it was an accidental dial. A deputy was in the area and checked on the caller to make sure there was no need for assistance.

10/27/12 00:14 — A complaint was received of a horse on Bluff Road. A deputy responded and got the horse off the road but efforts to locate the owner were not successful.

10/27/12 15:38 — A vehicle was stopped for speeding on 306th St. and the driver was given a warning for the offense.

10/27/12 15:55 — A Wakonda resident reported someone stole his medication from his unlocked car. A deputy responded and took information for a report.

10/27/12 19:01 — A vehicle turned left in front of a deputy's patrol car, failing to yield and nearly causing a collision. The driver was cautioned for the offense.

10/27/12 22:48 ‚ A vehicle was stopped and the driver cited for speeding near Vermillion on Highway 50.

10/27/12 23:12 — A deputy assisted the GF&P Conservation Officer with stopping and ticketing 2 men who had been hunting with artificial light.

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