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Cases Disposed  10/19-25/2012

Ryan R. Cahalan, 1419 N. Paulina Street, Chicago, IL; Driving under influence-1st offense, dismissed

Eldon, D. Orton; Passing check against nonexistent account, dismissed

Jayvon Anthony Sheffield, 800 Park St., Centerville; Seat belt violation, $25.00

Thomas White, 615 Linn Street, Yankton; County speeding, $39.00 plus costs

Tyler Drappeau, 447 N. Plum St. Lot 11, Vermillion; Open alcoholic beverage container accessible in vehicle, $54.00 plus costs

Laurence D. Brady, 32235 Ponderosa Drive, Burbank; speeding other roadways, $79.00 plus costs

William David McClain, 140 Sunshine Dr., Miller, SD; Seat belt violation, $25.00

Mandy J. Williams, 1312 Lewis St., Vermillion; No drivers license, $54.00 plus costs

Jacob T. Christianson, 805 Maplewood Dr., Pelican Rapids, MN; Open container, $54.00 plus costs

Barry Lynn Braaten, 506 Broad St., Alcester; Seat belt violation, $25.00

Linda Lorraine Atterbury, 29927 460th Ave., Centerville; County burning law, $60.00 plus costs

Jodee Ann Murphy, 2360 Stone Creek Drive, Chanhassen, MN; Speeding other roadways, $39.00 plus costs

Eric Joseph Christanson, 403 1st Street NE, Hampton, IA; Litter ordinance violation, $104.00 plus costs

John M. Weber, 1680 S. 2350 E., Price, UT; Open container, $54.00 plus costs

Eric Ryan Thien, 1534 Highway 130, Tipton, IA; Urinating in public, $104.00 plus costs

Kevin Grunewaldt, 120 2nd Ave. S., Brookings; Speeding other roadways, $39.00 plus costs

Logan Lawrence Tolsma, 608 Ridge Rd., Lead; Seat belt violation, $25.00

Eric Donald Wieseler, 4020 E. Claudette Dr., Sioux Falls; Speeding other roadways, $79.00 plus costs

Tina Marie Privett, 3013 Francis St., Yankton; Speed limits in areas of highway construction, $59.00 plus costs

Jacob P. Schliesman, 948 Eastgate Dr., Vermillion; Purchase/receive/consume/possession tobacco under 18, $29.00 plus costs

Seth William Tripp, 317 Center, Vermillion; No drivers license*, $134.00 plus costs; Renewal registration during assigned month*, dismissed; Fail to maintain financial responsibility*, dismissed; *This offense may have been previously reported as having been disposed

Robert D. Anderson, 46614 316th Street, Vermillion; Seat belt violation, $25.00

Jason James Tupman, 714 E. 21st St., Sioux Falls; Speeding other roadways, $39.00 plus costs

Todd Lee Brink, 915st Andrew St., Rapid City; Open container, $54.00 plus costs

Lucas K. Woodward, 316 Prentis, Vermillion; Open container, $104.00 plus costs

Andrew Scott Doty, 782 182nd Ave., Pella, IA; Possession of alcohol by minor, $54.00 plus costs

Isaac Alan Druin, 30911 457th Ave., Volin; County speeding, $51.00 plus costs

Annika K. Turner, 20 Whitetail Pl. #204, Dakota Dunes; Speeding other roadways, $59.00 plus costs

Teri Lee Schneider, 103 Walnut Street, Vermillion; Failure to make proper stop at stop intersection, $54.00 plus costs

Michael John Welter, 601 Douglas Ave., Yankton; County speeding, $39.00 plus costs

Jared John Kremlacek, 813 Maywood St., Brandon; Open alcoholic beverage container accessible in vehicle, $54.00 plus costs

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