By Keith L. Zanter

Clay County FSA Office

Acreage reports for perennial forage and fall seeded crops due Nov. 15.

In an effort to streamline program administration between FSA, Crop Insurance, RMA and other USDA agencies, a new fall acreage reporting deadline of Nov.15 has been established for perennial forage and fall seeded crops. Producers who planted fall seeded crops (winter wheat, rye, etc.) or who have alfalfa, grass hay, pasture or other perennial forage must certify acres and location of these crops to FSA by Nov. 15, 2012.

Producers who do not file a report by the Nov. 15 deadline will be subject to a late filed reporting fee. Since this is a new requirement, the late fee will be waived for the 2013 crop year until June 30, 2013. However, the acreage report will still be considered late causing additional work for both producer and office – please contact the office for an appointment.

The reporting deadline for all other 2013 crops will remain July 15, 2013.

Farm Stored or Warehouse Stored Grain Loans

We would like to remind producers of the interim financing provided by obtaining commodity loans with Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) for eligible harvested production. The CCC nine month marketing assistance loan provides financing allowing producers to store production for later marketing.

The 2012 marketing assistance loans are available for producers who share in the risk of producing the eligible crop and maintain beneficial interest in the eligible crop through the duration of the loan.

The county commodity loan rates are based on each commodity's national loan rate, which was established in the 2008 Farm Bill, and vary by county based on the average prices and production of the county where the commodity is stored. If you have other commodities that you are interested in obtaining a loan, please contact the office for those loan rates. Interest rate for November is 1.125 percent.

To better serve you, please contact our office prior to obtaining a corn and/or soybean commodity loan. To schedule an appointment with the Clay County FSA office, call (605) 624-7060 #2.

Take care,

Keith Zanter

Clay and Union County Executive Director

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