Guest Commentary: Thanking our military families

By Rep. Kristi Noem

Like all Americans, South Dakotans hold the members of our military in high esteem. From the airmen at Ellsworth Air Force Base to the men and women with our National Guard, these patriots have earned our unwavering gratitude. So too, have the families that support them. The month of November is Military Family Month, where we give special recognition to the men and women behind the uniform.

While America's service men and women are deployed around the world, their wives, husbands, parents and siblings are back on the home front; praying for their safety, caring for children and going the extra mile. Military families demonstrate sacrifice in so many ways. They move from base to base and town to town. Husbands and wives give up precious time with their spouses and children. And they all do it because they love our country and find the sacrifice a small price to pay in exchange for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

One of the most special things for a military family is when they get to be reunited. I was honored to help welcome home South Dakota Army National Guard's 842nd Engineer Company recently. Seeing husbands and wives rush to one another and children overjoyed to see their mother or father was incredibly heartwarming. It was a reminder of how resilient these military families are, and what a significant role they play in our nation's fabric.

America remains the greatest nation in the world because of the men and women that wake up every day committed to defend it. While we honor our courageous service members, let us also take special care to honor the families that support them. This month, I hope all South Dakotans will take a moment to thank a military family member for the sacrifices they make for our country.  

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