Clay County Sheriff Press Briefing

12/09/12 17:51 — ?A report was received of a car/deer collision on Burbank Road near Vermillion. A deputy took information for an accident report.

12/09/12 21:18 — A 911 call was received from a rural residence and the caller immediately hung up. A deputy investigated and found that the call was a mis-dial.

12/10/12 12:42 — A deputy served a Clay County arrest warrant in Vermillion. The man was able to post bond.

12/10/12 13:50 — Deputies traveled to Mitchell to transport back an inmate who was arrested there on a Clay County warrant.

12/10/12 19:08 — A person was transported by a deputy to the Human Services Center in Yankton for an involuntary mental health committal.

12/11/12 07:30 — Deputies traveled to Des Moines, Iowa to transport a person arrested there on Clay County charges back to the Clay County Jail.

12/11/12 11:10 — A deputy located a woman in Vermillion who was wanted for Moody County criminal charges. She was arrested and posted bond.

12/11/12 17:43 — A deputy investigated a report of a car/deer accident south of Irene.

12/12/12 11:45 — A deputy served a protection order to a person in Vermillion.

?12/12/12 13:58 — A deputy checked the welfare of a rural Meckling man after strange comments were made on Facebook. No cause for concern was found.

12/12/12 15:26

A deputy responded to Irene to assist an Irene police officer with a domestic dispute. One person was arrested for a protection order violation and drug charges.

12/12/12 20:58 — A deputy transported an inmate from Yankton to the Clay County Jail after the man was arrested in Yankton on a Clay County warrant.

12/12/12 22:58 — A report was received of someone spotlighting west of Wakonda. A deputy responded to the area but the spotlighter was no longer present.

12/13/12 06:00 — A deputy investigated a report of a car in the ditch on Highway 19 north of Vermillion. Upon arrival, tracks were found but the vehicle was gone.

12/13/12 11:15 — A woman came into the sheriff's office with questions about getting a protection order because she is concerned about her boyfriend. A deputy answered questions and advised her how to get a protection order.

12/13/12 13:02 — A caller from Texas reported his online game company noted statements from an teenaged online player which caused concern. The information was shared with the child's parents and school administration.

12/13/12 13:50 — A caller reported his vehicle broke down and he was unable to remove it from the road. A deputy responded and explained options and resources available to get the vehicle moved.

12/13/12 21:17 — A deputy served a protection order to a man in Vermillion.

?12/13/12 21:27 — A deputy responded to a domestic incident in Burbank where a man had chased his girlfriend and a couple who were following her to assure her safe arrival home. The man was charged with traffic offenses and disorderly conduct.

12/14/12 03:53 — Deputies responded to a rollover accident with injuries northeast of Vermillion. Alcohol was involved. The driver was arrested for DWI.

12/14/12 03:54 — Following an accident investigation northeast of Vermillion, information was obtained of an underage house party in the area. Deputies investigated and arrest warrants for the house renters were requested.

12/14/12 12:23 — A couple came to the Sheriff's Office so the wife could have fingerprints taken for a background check. It was found she had an Iowa protection order against her husband who was with her. He was arrested and charged with a protection order violation.

12/14/12 17:43 — A deputy responded to Irene to a report of a domestic dispute. The dispute was resolved upon arrival with no crimes committed. The deputy checked on the welfare of a child involved and found no reason for concern.

12/14/12 18:17 — A deputy responded to a report of a fire near Meckling. The fire was found to be a controlled burn of piled brush and in no danger of spreading.

12/15/12 10:11 — A deputy responded along with Wakonda and Irene fire departments to a structure fire near Irene.

12/15/12 11:51 — A deputy responded to a report of a domestic assault in Irene. One man was arrested for simple assault and transported to the Clay County Jail.

12/15/12 12:05 — While responding to a complaint of a domestic dispute, a deputy took a report of trespassing made by one party about his girlfriend's grandmother. The complaint did not meet the statute for trespassing.

?12/15/12 17:22 — A deputy transported an inmate from the Minnehaha County Jail to the Clay County Jail after he violated the 24/7 program in Sioux Falls.

12/15/12 22:04 — A deputy encountered a disabled vehicle causing a hazard on Highway 50. The owner was notified the vehicle needed to be moved promptly.

Total Records: 29

12/16/12 00:21 — Deputies transported an inmate from the Minnehaha County Jail to the Clay County Jail after he was arrested in Sioux Falls for a Clay County Warrant.

12/16/12 01:47 — Deputies investigated a complaint from a man in Irene who stated his girlfriend broke into the house after he locked her out while he was in jail for assaulting her. Since she lived at the residence, the girlfriend was not charged with entering it.

12/16/12 18:04 — A deputy investigated a report of smoke near Burbank. It was found that a landowner had a controlled burn which was under supervision.

12/16/12 20:08 — A rural resident report a vehicle that frequently passes her house causing her to be suspicious. A deputy investigated and found the vehicle belonged to a neighbor.

12/17/12 20:55 — A deputy served a protection order to a man in Irene.

12/18/12 20:11 — A deputy responded to assist a Vermillion Police Officer with lifting a person who had fallen. The person was not injured and did not need medical attention.

12/19/12 09:40 — The School Resource Officer investigated a report of Middle School boys giving one another a bag of what was believed to be marijuana. The incident is under investigation.

12/19/12 11:02 — A deputy took a report of a theft of beans from a farm. The investigation involved multiple thefts from Lincoln and Union Counties. The matter is under investigation in cooperation with the neighboring counties.

?12/19/12 22:12 — Deputies investigated an accident where a vehicle was westbound in the eastbound lane on Highway 50 and stuck an eastbound vehicle. One driver complained of pain but there were no patients transported. The westbound driver was cited for driving in the wrong lane.

12/20/12 09:00 — The School Resource Officer responded to assist ambulance personnel with a student having medical problems at Jolley School.

12/20/12 18:29 — Deputies responded to a residence east of Vermillion to a report of a woman having a seizure. They assisted the patient until ambulance personnel arrived and transported her to the hospital.

12/20/12 20:17 — A deputy assisted the Vermillion Police with a report of a suicidal man. The man was taken into custody for a mental illness hold and transported to the jail for an evaluation.

12/21/12 08:27 — The School Resource Officer received a report of a boy punching another on the playground at Jolley School. The school handled the incident administratively and parents were notified.

12/21/12 13:49 — A deputy transported a man to the hospital for medical clearance and then to HSC in Yankton for an involuntary mental illness hold.

12/21/12 17:41 — A deputy checked on a stranded motorist east of Vermillion. The driver was out of gas but had called someone to bring her some. There was no further assistance needed.

12/21/12 21:42 — A passerby reported a vehicle stuck in the ditch near Burbank. A deputy investigated and subsequently arrested the driver for DWI.

12/22/12 08:28 — A deputy transported a patient to the hospital to be medically cleared and then to the Human Services Center in Yankton for an involuntary mental health committal.

? 12/22/12 15:59 — A deputy checked on what appeared to be a disabled vehicle west of Vermillion. It was learned the owner was hunting in the area.

12/22/12 16:15 — A deputy took a report of harassing text messages between two women in Wakonda. The matter is under investigation.

12/22/12 17:06 — A deputy responded to a second hand report of a domestic incident near Wakonda. After investigating the report it was learned there was a misunderstanding of a text message and there was no dispute at the residence.

Total Records: 20

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