VCDC offers Vermillion Bucks sale to encourage shopping local for holidays

To encourage shopping in Vermillion for the holidays, the Vermillion Area Chamber of Commerce & Development Company (VCDC) will be conducting a Vermillion Bucks sale.

They will offer $10,000 in Vermillion Bucks available for purchase in $100 bundles at the discounted rate of $85 per bundle. This equates to an immediate discount of 15 percent off on all products and services in Vermillion, and when partnered with your in-store sales, the VCDC believes this will provide a great incentive to shop Vermillion for the holidays. They will be promoting this as a gift from Chamber members to the community.

There is nothing different merchants will have to do for this promotion, simply process the Vermillion Bucks as usual, though the VCDC hopes merchants will assist the effort by informing their customers of the sale and/or conducting related promotions.

  • Vermillion Bucks are actual checks. They have an account, check and routing number.
  • Denominations are $5, $10 and $20.
  • Vermillion Bucks can only be spent on goods and services in Vermillion businesses.
  • If the purchase is less than the dollar amount, businesses may give change back to the customer.
  • Each Vermillion Buck has a one-year expiration date.
  • Businesses will process Vermillion Bucks as they would normal checks.
  • Attention banks – Vermillion Bucks may not be deposited in checking or savings accounts, nor can they be cashed.

The VCDC will begin offering the discounted Vermillion Bucks immediately and will continue until all $100 bundles have been sold. They can be purchased at the VCDC offices at 116 Market St. Customers will be limited to two bundles per family in $20 denominations.

The VCDC is excited to offer this promotion and put your Chamber dues to work creating more sales in Vermillion businesses.

Contact Ann Breitag at 624-5571 or with questions.

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