Clay County Sheriff Press Briefing

12/23/12 02:12 —?A deputy responded to a report of a person spotlighting north of Vermillion. The suspect had left the area.

12/23/12 22:36 — A vehicle was observed with a non-functioning headlight in the rural Volin area. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was notified of the problem.

12/25/12 00:50 — Officers assisted the Vermillion Police Department on the east side of Vermillion with a standoff and efforts to encourage a suspect to cooperate concerning a prior domestic dispute report.

12/25/12 03:16 — Deputies responded to a report of a domestic dispute on the west side of Vermillion. Upon arrival, they learned there was no assault or violence. The two parties involved agreed to go to their own homes and the situation was resolved.

12/25/12 13:30 — Deputies assisted the Vermillion Police Department with a death investigation in Vermillion.

12/25/12 13:38 — A caller reported a missing horse. She requested notification if it is found.

12/26/12 09:55 — A caller reported harassing phone calls. A deputy investigated and found that the calls were a legal collection effort.

12/26/12 13:43 — A deputy served an order requiring a person be picked up for a detox hold and held until she was sober. The woman was sober at the time so she was returned to her residence and informed of a hearing date.

12/27/12 15:24 — A deputy responded to a weather related crash just west of Vermillion on Highway 50. There were no injuries.

?12/28/12 13:33 — A deputy investigated a report of a man asking for money from a neighbor near Meckling saying he had an infant with a high fever. It was found there was no sick infant and the man was looking for gas money to go to Yankton.

12/28/12 14:45 — A deputy took a report from a woman stating her nephew had run up her phone bill without consent. She was advised to deactivate his phone and work with the carrier to resolve the bill.

12/28/12 23:38 — A deputy assisted a conservation officer with a spotlighting investigation north of Vermillion.

12/29/12 11:50 — A deputy investigated a dispute near Burbank. The parties had separated by the time of arrival. No charges were filed.

12/29/12 14:43 — A deputy responded to a report of a 911 call east of Vermillion where a family needed assistance with a woman who needed mental health care. Information was shared regarding options but in this case an involuntary committal was not necessary.

12/29/12 20:06 — A deputy checked on a disabled vehicle on Highway 50 east of Vermillion. The owner had already called for a tow.

12/29/12 20:33 — A deputy checked on a report of a fire northeast of Vermillion and found it was a controlled burn under supervision.

Total Records: 16

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