Letters to the editor

As we start 2013 and look back at 2012, I wanted to write to express my sincere thanks to the citizens of Vermillion who have worked with the police department to make Vermillion a safe community. In a free society, it is necessary that citizens participate in the process of developing and maintaining a safe and secure environment. The police department is just one facet of the community-wide team that is necessary to provide for a safe community. In Vermillion, examples of this close teamwork between the police department and community abound, and I would like to mention two illustrations of this teamwork in action from 2012.

First, the Community-wide Safety and Protection Survey was conducted in the spring of this year. This survey required the cooperation of several community members to create and hundreds of citizens who completed and returned the survey. This cooperative effort provides the police department with valuable insight into the needs and perceptions of the community and will be used in planning for the future. A copy of the final results from this survey can be found on our website at http://vermillionpd.org/survey.aspx

Second, the community alcohol license holders worked with the police to develop a reward program for employees who passed alcohol compliance checks. The idea brought forward by the alcohol license holders was to provide a pool of funds that would be used to provide a reward if an employee successfully prevented the purchase of alcohol by a minor during the police department's compliance check efforts.  This program has resulted in $50 in Vermillion Dollars being rewarded to eligible employees during 2012. The funds for these rewards were provided by the community's alcohol license holders and two local distributors: Dakota Beverage Co., and John A. Conkling Distributing Co., Inc.

Both of these cooperate efforts illustrate the teamwork that is necessary to make Vermillion a safe place. The men and women of the Vermillion Police Department appreciated the trust the citizens of Vermillion have given them and will continue to work hard to be worthy of that trust.

Our wish is that you and yours will have a safe 2013.


Matt Betzen

Vermillion Chief of Police

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