Milbank takes Winter Wonderland; Wagner third

Led by medalist Courtney Trapp, the Milbank Bulldogs claimed top honors at the Winter Wonderland gymnastics meet on Saturday at the Vermillion High School gym.

Vermillion’s Rory Tucker competes in the floor exercises during the Winter Wonderland gymnastics meet on Saturday in Vermillion.

(Photo by David Lias)

Milbank finished at 127.2, beating out Chamberlain (124.85) and Wagner (119.85) in the 10-team event. Host Vermillion finished seventh at 117.4.

Trapp posted an all-around score of 36.2, also claiming top honors on the floor exercise (9.3), balance beam (9.2) and uneven parallel bars (9.1). Chamberlain's Vanzi Knippling won the vault with an 8.9.

Wagner's Hannah Fleming finished fourth in the all-around with a 32.15.

TEAM SCORES: Milbank 127.2, Chamberlain 124.85, Wagner 119.85, Sisseton 119.2, Stanley County 119.2, Sioux Falls Washington 118.2, Vermillion 117.4, Britton-Hecla 116.65, West Central 111.3, Wall-Kadoka 108.45

ALL-AROUND: Courtney Trapp, Milbank 36.2; Baylee Tordsen, Washington  34.25; Marilyn Nasomwat, Chamberlain 32.8; Hannah Fleming, Wagner 32.15; Vanzi Knippling, Chamberlain 31.8; Melissa Lenards, Milbank 31.25; Lexi Lopour, Stanley County 31; Libby Goertel, West Central 30.95; Katie Christopherson, Sisseton 30.75; Rachel Semmler, Washington  30.5

BEAM: Courtney Trapp, Milbank 9.2; Baylee Tordsen, Washington  8.75; Marilyn Nasomwat, Chamberlain 8.35; Katie Christopherson, Sisseton 8; Hannah Fleming, Wagner 7.9; Libby Goertel, West Central 7.6; Taryn Schneck, Milbank 7.35; Whitney Bredvik, Britton-Hecla 7.35; Olivia Carlson, Britton-Hecla 7.35; Rachel Semmler, Washington  7.25; Brittainy Schmitz, West Central 7.25

BARS: Courtney Trapp, Milbank 9.1; Marilyn Nasomwat, Chamberlain 8; Baylee Tordsen, Washington  7.95; Hannah Fleming, Wagner 7.9; Melissa Lenards, Milbank 7.9; Lexi Lopour, Stanley County 7.75; Rebecca Storhr, Milbank 7.7; Rachel Semmler, Washington  7.7; Kylie Dowell, Sisseton 7.65; Kylee Ligtenberg, Wagner 7.55

FLOOR: Courtney Trapp, Milbank 9.3; Vanzi Knippling, Chamberlain 9.1; Baylee Tordsen, Washington  8.95; Hailey Norman, Stanley County 8.75; Olivia Carlson, Britton-Hecla 8.45; Rory Tucker, Vermillion 8.45; Lexi Lopour, Stanley County 8.45; Melissa Lenards, Milbank 8.35; Lauren Kayl, Washington  8.35; Justine Soukup, Wagner 8.35; Kailee Rinas, Sisseton 8.35

VAULT: Vanzi Knippling, Chamberlain 8.9; Marilyn Nasomwat, Chamberlain 8.6; Melissa Lenards, Milbank 8.6; Courtney Trapp, Milbank 8.6; Baylee Tordsen, Washington  8.6; Bobbi Jo Soukup, Wagner 8.45; Kylie Dowell, Sisseton 8.35; Amber Felicia, Chamberlain 8.3; Lexi Lopour, Stanley County 8.25; Kailee Rinas, Sisseton 8.25; Rachel Dion, Wagner 8.25

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