Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

01/27/13 02:23 – A deputy investigated an injury accident near Meckling. Alcohol involvement is suspected and charges are being considered.

01/27/13 04:28 – A deputy assisted the driver of a disable vehicle on Highway 50 with getting a tow truck.

01/27/13 08:09 – A deputy investigated a report of a vehicle in the ditch on 306th St. The car had slid in due to icy roads. There was no damage so no accident report was completed.

01/27/13 21:35 – A deputy noted debris including lumber and nails at the intersection of Highway 50 and Highway 19. The deputy removed most of the debris. The State D.O.T. was notified.

01/28/13 11:08 – A caller reported receiving a letter written by an inmate at the State Penitentiary. It was found that the inmate was claiming to be much younger than he is and the intended recipient is a 16-year-old girl. The letter was not forwarded to the young girl.

01/28/13 11:50 – The school resource officer responded to Jolley School to take a report of a juvenile pushing a teacher. The information will be forwarded to the States Attorney.

01/28/13 16:05 – A deputy responded to a Vermillion address to assist ambulance personnel. Upon arrival, it was found the patient had left for the hospital with another person. The ambulance response was canceled.

01/29/13 12:25 – A deputy transported a sentenced inmate from the Clay County Jail to the SD State Penitentiary in Sioux Falls.

01/29/13 14:03 – A deputy traveled to Elk Point to pick up an inmate wanted on Clay County charges. The inmate was brought to the Clay County Jail.

01/29/13 15:09 – A deputy transported an inmate with a Clay County warrant from the Yankton County Jail after he was brought there from Pennington County on a state inmate transport vehicle.

01/29/13 16:08 – A deputy responded to a report of debris on Highway 50.

01/29/13 16:31 – A deputy assisted the DCI and Vermillion Police with a search warrant for drugs in Vermillion.

01/29/13 17:57 – A deputy investigated a report from a rural resident of a call she suspected was a scam. No money or information was given out.

01/30/13 01:03 – A deputy responded to a rural residence along with Beresford ambulance personnel to a medical call. CPR was performed and the patient was transported by ambulance.

01/31/13 08:27 – The School Resource Officer investigated a report of a Jolley School student assaulting another student.

01/31/13 10:33 – A deputy investigated a report of a rural resident receiving repeated phone calls requesting money to receive a prize. The calls were clearly an attempt to scam the victim. The caller is unknown.

01/31/13 13:01 – A deputy investigated a report that a sex offender had moved away without proper notification. Charges are being considered.

01/31/13 14:17 – Deputies investigated a report that pets had been abandoned at a rural residence. The pets’ owner was contacted and was in the process of moving herself and the pets to another city. The pets were found to be healthy and were eventually removed from the residence.

01/31/13 15:16 – A deputy transported a man to the Human Services Center in Yankton for an involuntary mental health committal.

01/31/13 20:03 – A deputy helped mediate a dispute between an employer and an employee who had been terminated.

02/01/13 10:14 – A deputy met with a state veterinarian at a rural residence to investigate an allegation of maltreatment of horses. The horses were found to be properly cared for and there was no cause for concern or further action.

02/01/13 15:21 – A deputy observed a car run a stop sign in Vermillion. The vehicle was stopped and the driver cited for the offense.

02/01/13 16:26 – A rural resident reported she has two stray dogs on her property for the past two weeks. She was given information about how to drop the dogs off at the Humane Society.

02/01/13 17:42 – A woman reported her roommate had left behind a pet rabbit when they moved out of a rural residence. The woman was given information and assistance in delivering the rabbit to the Humane Society.

02/01/13 20:40 – A deputy responded to assist Vermillion Police and Fire units at the scene of a structure fire on east Cherry St. in Vermillion.

02/02/13 02:04 – A deputy responded to a report of an erratic driver. The reporting party did not stay behind the vehicle so the deputy was unable to locate it upon arrival to the area.

02/02/13 10:26 – A deputy responded to a medical call for assistance at a rural residence. CPR was performed on the patient who was transported to the hospital by the Vermillion ambulance.

02/02/13 19:05 – A deputy arrested a wanted person in Vermillion for an outstanding Clay County arrest warrant.

Total Records: 28

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