District 17 Legislative Notes

By Rep. Nancy Rasmussen


District 17


I received many messages this past week concerning Senate Bill 179. SB 179 provides for uniform county drainage permit application forms and removes the maximum limit for drainage permit fees. Many District 17 farmers are not in favor of this bill.

One letter I received especially spoke to our farmer’s concerns with this bill. I was given permission to share that message with you here.

“As a young farmer in Clay County I feel that our state needs to be agriculture friendly. Senate Bill no. 179 is not agriculture friendly.
Agriculture is the engine that runs our state. The “red tape” that Senate Bill no. 179 will apply to our farmers is not necessary and will cause problems for famers that want to improve their productivity. My brother and I have done tilling on our farm and so far it has increased productivity which in turn inceases our income. Water runs downhill. We don’t need engineers to tell us that.”

I thank the farmer from Clay County for allowing me to print his letter, and thank everyone else who reached out to me with their concerns.


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