Legislative Notes

By Rep. Nancy Rasmussen

District 17

This week in Pierre the House Transportation Committee will be listening to testimony and evaluating four Senate Bills addressing student driving.

Senate Bills 105, 106, 107 and 216 are the result of a task force created to examine teen driving statistical date, driver education options, barriers to teen driving safety, and review current laws affecting teen drivers, and national best practices to improve safety of teen drivers.

I will summarize the bills contents, but I invite you to read these bills in full. They can be found on the Legislative Research Council’s Web site.

SB 105 would lengthen an instruction permit from 180 days to 365 days.

SB 106 would prohibit minors from using wireless communication devices while driving during the instructional and restricted permit periods.

SB 107 would limit the number of passengers allowed in a motor vehicle.

SB 216 would establish a state-wide driver education program.

The task force is recommending these changes be adapted into state statute. The safety of our children and our neighbors is at the core of this legislation.

If you have questions or comments on these or other bills, please e-mail me at Rep.Rasmussen.state.sd.us.

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